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Update: the competition has now closed. Congratulations to the 5 lucky winners!

  1. Embrensia Jordan Hanekom
  2. Ngqulunga Nonhlanhla
  3. Rebecca Naidoo
  4. Malarie Pather
  5. Ragmat Baron

Win 1 of 5 hampers of Roastwell mixed nuts!

Every family has certain foods they eat every day. For our family, it’s Roastwell nuts. We discovered them years ago, and have been ordering (in bulk!) ever since. What makes Roastwell special is that they air-roast their nuts, so they’re much tastier than raw nuts but don’t have any of the added oil of roasted nuts. We get the unsalted version so they’re pretty much a health food, but they taste like a treat.

When I say we eat nuts every day, I mean every day. I sprinkle them on my morning yoghurt, my kids have them as a snack throughout the day, my husband eats them as part of his evening dessert or as a mid-afternoon snack.

Diabetic-friendly snack

What makes nuts such a winner of a snack for diabetics is that they’re high in protein, pretty much zero carb, and very satisfying. So instead of reaching for chips or other treats that might spike my sugar, I reach for a handful of cashew nuts or almonds. They’re also perfect for eating with carbs, as they balance out the blood sugar spike – when I have a special occasion treat I always have a few nuts at the same time. I love them so much I carry them around in my handbag, so I’m never left hungry and without a diabetic-friendly snack!

Roastwell unsalted mixed tree nuts

Mixed tree nuts offer you a balanced mix of fresh crunchy tree nuts: air-roasted almonds, cashews, macadamia and walnuts.

  • Lightly air-roasted, easier to digest and more aroma than raw, no oil added, no salt.
  • Fresh “crunchy” experience from export-grade, artisan air-roasted kernels
  • Non-GMO, Halaal and Kosher certified.

Nuts have a lot of healthy vitamins and minerals which are linked to amazing things like
fighting cancer and reducing stress. They also make you feel fuller for longer, so can help you lose weight.

Tree nuts are an important component of a balanced diet since they are a great source of
both macro and micronutrients. However, raw nuts also contain natural enzyme inhibitors,
to prevent them from sprouting prematurely, namely phytic acids or phytates. Heat from
roasting releases some of the phytates making it easier for the body to digest the natural
minerals in the nuts.

If you enjoy roasted nuts, it is important to note whether the label states “air-roasted”.
Certain “roasted nuts” are deep fried in saturated oils to lower the costs of roasting. But
this turns it into an unhealthy snack!

Available at most major grocery stores, or order online for direct delivery at

Find out more about Roastwell on or follow them on Facebook or Instagram.

What you’ll win

Five lucky winners will each win 4 x 250g of Roastwell unsalted mixed nuts. That’s 1kg of delicious nuts!

WIN 1 of 5 hampers of delicious Roastwell nuts!

How to enter:

Not on Facebook? Not to worry – email this competition page to 3 friends and comment here to say you’ve done it.

Terms and conditions:

  1. The competition closes on Friday 26th June 2020.
  2. The winners will be randomly selected.
  3. The judge’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  4. The prize is not transferable.
  5. The winner’s names will be published for publicity.