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What to do about unusual eating times?

Hi SweetLife

Please could you help me. I’m a newly diagnosed Type 1 Diabetic. I have a birthday breakfast on the weekend, and I need help from an experience diabetic. I normally eat breakfast upon waking up, and inject then. If I wanted to prolong breakfast til 10 o’clock, should I have a small snack in the morning (as my sugars tend to be quite low in the morning) without injecting. Then have my normal breakfast shot, with my breakfast later? Is it okay to prolong a meal like that….I don’t know what to do! Please help 🙂

Kind Regards

– Taryn

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  1. Mervyn Wratten Mervyn Wratten

    Hi Taryn, it’s usually difficult to give advice without knowing more details regarding your treatment program but I’m sure you will not be far wrong if you do what you suggest. If 4mmol/L is your low when waking and you are not going to be pampered until 10AM a small snack, +/- 12 Carbs.sounds about right. If you will just be sitting around and your basal is right your BG should still be around 4mmol/L at 10AM so no snack is required. If test strips are not a problem test an hour or so after getting up and then before your ‘late’ breakfast.
    You will only know if you give it a try, so as long as you prepare for the possibility of a Hypo (I’m assuming you have the answer to that, if not ask again) every thing should be fine, enjoy it.
    I’m a little surprised that the people who treat you, DR,/ Educator etc, could not give you this advice. However if this is easier for you give it a go. I’ve been doing these adjustments to fit my life for years. Diabetes does not require you to be locked into a little rigid box.

  2. Krish Cullen Krish Cullen

    For me Taryn this is a once off thing, so u should not worry too much. Under normal circumstance do eat regularly.
    Happy B’day

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