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What should fasting blood sugar levels be?


I wonder if you can help me.

I have recently been told I need to take tablets for diabetes as my fasting blood count was 6.9 and my Doctor said 7 was considered diabetic (11 on a non fasting diet).

I have got a dietician to work out a eating plan for me as I have decided to try that as I am reluctant to take tablets. I have spoken to a few people who are diabetic and find that so many are vague about their readings, others about the fasting and non fasting readings.

I trust my Doctor but would like to know a bit more about sugar levels and also about fasting before a test and if one can drink water in this time.

Thank you,


– Leona Symonds

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  1. Shirley Baines Shirley Baines

    I take insulin for my Type 2 diabetes and check my fasting levels a few times a week and it should be between 3.9 and 5.8. 1 Hour after meals – less than 8.9. 2hours after meals – less than 6.7.

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