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Want to Take Part in a Diabetic Trial?

Sweet Life was recently approached by Dr Lara Hatchuel, who works for a company called Clinresco Centres based in Kempton Park. They currently have three international diabetic trials, and are looking for participants.

If you’ve ever wanted to take part in a diabetic trial, now is your chance! The trials are as follows:

1. The first one is for  Type 2 diabetics on a stable dose of Lantus (they can also be on Type 2 diabetes medication – pills) who are battling to control their glucose levels.

2. The second trial is for Type 2 diabetics on pills alone who are battling to control their glucose levels.

3. The last trial is for Type 2 diabetics on any diabetic medication who have diabetic kidney disease.

If one of these sounds like you and you’re interested in taking part, contact Dr Lara Hatchuel at Clinresco directly on (011) 394 3400 or email her and she will give you more information and see if you are a potential candidate.

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