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Urgent plea for diabetic uncle

Hi everyone,
This is a plea for help for my uncle! He is facing amputation of his leg from the knee down, they want to amputate next week.
There is a medicine called Clear-G Advanced Blood Circulation Support, that is only available in Canada and we won’t be able to have it in time. Is there anyone living in South Africa that has this medicine that we can buy some off and replace it in 5 days time?
Please help!

– Michelle

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  1. lynnae daniel lynnae daniel

    Have you ever heard of the Bemer 3000 mat??? Go to their website….and amazing wellness mat…increase oxygen in the blood stream thereby opening capillaries etc worth a shot …it definately improves circulation…especially when used every day….maybe someone could rent one to you ????

  2. Hi Michelle

    Unfortunately I cannot help with the medicine you’re looking for, but I do know someone who had gangrene in their leg, and was also facing amputation.

    She applied a paste of activated charcoal and water onto the area, and was lucky enough to keep her leg. The activated charcoal drew out all the toxins, and helped incredibly with the healiong. I do know it’s supposed to be applied with water to make alkaline & magnetically attract gases and toxins.

    You’ll probably be able to find the powder form at your nearest vet, as it’s used a lot on animals. Doctors also use it for drug overdoses, as it suck out all the poisonous drugs that were consumed.

    It really is amazing stuff, with incredible properties.

    It may help, it’s worth a try if you don’t come right with that medicine.


  3. Deidre Fichardt Deidre Fichardt

    Good luck, my prayers are with you, I hope you find this in time. Strongs!!

  4. Michelle Michelle

    Thank you all so much for your responses!

    We are going to try each of these options! Praying that they work!

  5. Hi Michelle

    How did it go? How is your uncle?



  6. Pretty! This was аn increԀibly wonderfuⅼ article.
    Many thanks for ѕupplying this info.

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