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Type 1 diabetic struggling with control

Good morning,

I am in urgent need of assistance to help me get my diabetes/ blood sugar levels in control AND I am actually almost on the brink of losing it…

I’m struggling with sky high sugar levels and very low sugar levels, BUT it is never between 4 and 6, its either lower, very low, or very-very high!!!  I don’t know what to do anymore, I’ve heard about this “insulin pump”, but also have heard that you need to be on the highest plan of Medical Aid with Discovery Health before you qualify to get an “insulin pump”, and I don’t have, I am not…

Please give me some advice, or is there anything else I can try to do?

I am 28 years old, has been a diabetic since I was 9 years old…

Please help!

– Vasti

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  1. Krish Cullen Krish Cullen

    Do not give up. If u are in a position to visit a Provincial Hospital do so. I want u to see u DR, if u on Medical Aid for expert advice, please as u need to under go test, if not done. It seems u M/A does not cover u.
    Krish Cullen

  2. Lyn Starck Lyn Starck

    Dear Vashti
    Sorry to hear that you are struggling with your Diabetes
    It is difficult to know how to help unless I have some information about types,doses and frequency of injections as well as some glucose values.You need to test and establish a pattern as to when the problems occur and in relation to what
    Blood sugars that swing up and down cause more problems than those that are more stable
    I suggest you establish a testing profile and then post again
    Lyn Starck

  3. Angela Bowie Angela Bowie

    Hi Vasti,

    I have been a diabetic for 9 years as well and I am also 28years old. Firstly you should look at Essential Med. I pay R 285.00 a month and get both my long acting and shorting acting insulin monthly, with testing strips and I can send you info to get a free testing machine if you like. All you will need is your doctor to write the prescription and then send it to the medical aid etc

    You need to take a look at your diet and your lifestyle. From your email below you sound like you are under a lot of stress and that is not helping your diabetes. With your sugar levels being so out of control your moods get affected badly.
    So strange how sugar levels have this affect on us but very true and you need to eliminate as much stress from your life as you can.

    You can get back to where you need to be as long as you take the day by day steps. Your eating is very very very important and if you can try to exercise you must. It will help keep your sugar levels lower than higher. When I was first diagnosed mine used to sit in the 30’s NOT GOOD! but now I am between 5-8 most days! 🙂

    I know that there are days when it is hard to keep your sugar levels under control but YOU CAN DO IT!! You are a strong person and you have come this far with your diabetes DON’T Let it win now!!

    Please let me know if I can help with anything!



  4. lara lara

    hi Vasti,
    I myself have done alot of research into this as I am also looking at going on the pump – due to sugars being all over the place. It seems yes, discovery will pay for the pump and consumables however like you say its their second highest plan (about R3000 a month). Saying this I know there are other medical aids that do offer this treatment, so perhaps its worth doing some research.


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