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Type 1 AMA (Ask Me Anything)

Sweet Life is so excited to present South Africa’s first Type 1 AMA (Ask Me Anything)!

As we all know, 90% of people with diabetes have Type 2, which means that Type 1 doesn’t always get as much attention… But there are unique challenges to living with Type 1 diabetes, and we want to talk about them!

Please join us on Thursday 20th May at 7.30pm for SA’s first Type 1 AMA!

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What to expect from SA’s first Type 1 AMA

A whole hour spent chatting about all things Type 1 diabetes! We’ve got a panel of people living with Type 1 who are going to share the tips that make their lives easier, and answer all your questions. Some of them were involved in the successful #fingerstickfree campaign last year, so feel free to ask questions about that too. You can literally Ask Me (and the whole team!) Anything.

The panel includes:

Thapi Semenya

Thapi is a 21-year-old law student who has been living with Type 1 diabetes for 15 years. You can find out more about her on Instagram: @babygun_thapi, Twitter: @SemenyaThapi, LinkedIn: Thapi Semenya or her blog: ZealDaily.

Earl Prinsloo

Earl is 34 years old and has been living with Type 1 diabetes since 2012 (9 years). He works as a project manager at the South African Medical Research Council, dealing with medical device innovation and Mental Health research. His hobbies include playing piano and guitar, learning French and spending time with his family. He manages his diabetes using MDI (Multiple Daily Injections) and the FreeStyle Libre.

Kirsten De Klerk

Kirsten is a 26-year-old living with Type 1 diabetes since 2010. She is an adventurer, dog lover and advocate for all things diabetes. You can follow her diabetes journey on Instagram: @everydayisdiabetesday and her adventures on @cape_town_adventurer.

Allyssa Pillay

Allyssa is living a normal life, Type 1 style. She has had Type 1 diabetes since September 2018. Follow her diabetes journey on Instagram: @sweetest_t1d

Matthew Gair

Matthew is a Post Production Audio professional, and dad to Jude who was recently diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.

The event is hosted by Sweet Life, so the panel will be moderated by Sweet Life co-founder, Bridget McNulty.

Bridget McNulty

Bridget is 38 years old and has been living with Type 1 diabetes for 14 years. She is a writer, brand storyteller and diabetes advocate, and the co-founder of Sweet Life Diabetes Community. Follow her on on Instagram or Diabetic South Africans on Facebook.

Sweet Life is a registered NPO/PBO (220-984) with a single goal: to improve diabetes in South Africa. We are funded by sponsorships and donations from aligned companies and organisations who believe in our work. We only share information that we believe benefits our community. While some of this information is linked to specific brands, it is not an official endorsement of that brand. We believe in empowering people with diabetes to make the best decisions they can, to live a healthy, happy life with diabetes.