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Type 1 AMA (Ask Me Anything)

We are so excited to invite you to 2022’s first Type 1 AMA (Ask Me Anything) – all about diabetes life hacks. We’ve got behavioural scientist Sebastian Thompson here to talk to us about behaviour change quick wins – small things that can make a big difference to diabetes management.

We know that there are unique challenges to living with Type 1 diabetes – including how our behaviour affects our blood glucose – and we want to talk about them! This month we’re diving deep into diabetes life hacks, and the questions you have about them.

Big thanks to Abbott FreeStyle Libre for sponsoring this AMA.

Please join us on Thursday 27th January at 7pm for our AMA all about diabetes life hacks.

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What to expect from our AMA about diabetes life hacks

We’re going to spend a whole hour chatting about all things Type 1 diabetes and behaviour change. We’ve got a brand-new panel of people living with diabetes who are going to share their experiences and the tips that make their lives easier… And we’ve asked behavioural scientist Sebastian Thompson to answer all your questions about how to meaningfully change behaviour.

Some of the team were involved in our #fingerstickfree campaign last year, so feel free to ask questions about that too. You can literally Ask Me (and the whole team!) Anything.

The panel includes:

Sebastian Thompson is the co-founder of Gravity Ideas and Lake Innovation, two of South Africa’s most respected behavioural science companies. Sebastian is a behavioural design practitioner working to make the world a better place by designing for the mind, and is curious about how this can be applied to diabetes.

Laura Pirjol is a 24-year-old who has been living with Type 1 Diabetes since 2011. She is a junior doctor at Groote Schuur Hospital in Cape Town. She enjoys running, drawing and can speak 4 languages fluently. She manages her diabetes with MDI (Humalog and Tresiba) and Freestyle Libre. You can find her on @highs_and_lows_97 and @sugarstiks on Instagram.

Pitso Molemane has lived with Type 1 diabetes for 40 years. He is a radio personality working for KayaFM 95.9, and his passion is to see as many South Africans getting education which will help them to avoid getting diabetes. Pitso wants to empower all those who are living with diabetes already to live longer with the condition, just like him.

Renate Moolman is 37 years old and has been living with Type 1 diabetes since 2013. She works as a beauty therapist and loves spending time with family and friends, as well as baking. It has taken her a while to fully embrace her diabetes journey. She manages her diabetes with daily injections and the Freestyle Libre. You can follow her on Instagram: @my_pancreas_and_me

Naeem Sonpra is 46 years old and has been living with diabetes since 1991. He is a business owner dealing mainly in the upholstery industry, with more than 25 years of experience. When he is not with his family, he spends as much time on his bicycle as possible. His other hobbies include hiking, nature, travelling to new places, and perfecting his barista skills. You can follow Naeem’s journey with diabetes on Instagram: @the_intrepid_diabetic

Nic McConnachie is 38 and has been living with Type 1 diabetes since 2015. He has been working in the short-term insurance game for the past 6 years.  A lover of all sports, Nic enjoys the outdoors, trail running, fishing, golf and spending quality time with friends and family. He is currently looking at exploring other avenues outside of the insurance world. You can find him on Instagram @nic_mcc4

The event is hosted by Sweet Life, so the panel will be moderated by Sweet Life co-founder, Bridget McNulty.

Bridget is 39 years old and has been living with Type 1 diabetes for 14 years. She is a writer, brand storyteller and diabetes advocate, and the co-founder of Sweet Life Diabetes Community. Follow her on on Instagram or Diabetic South Africans on Facebook.

Sweet Life is a registered NPO/PBO (220-984) with a single goal: to improve diabetes in South Africa. We are funded by sponsorships and donations from aligned companies and organisations who believe in our work. We only share information that we believe benefits our community. While some of this information is linked to specific brands, it is not an official endorsement of that brand. We believe in empowering people with diabetes to make the best decisions they can, to live a healthy, happy life with diabetes.