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Treatment for gout

Hi there,

I am a Type 2 diabetic and I have suffered from gout since I was 30 years old.

On the pad underneath my big toe I have a big lump that is caused by gout. It burns constantly. I have been to a surgeon who recommended surgery.

Is there any other option?

– BJ

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    You can phone me on 081 – 3760965 and I will try and help you.

    Michael Botha

  2. Pheonix Pheonix

    Hi , I know of a natural product that works. It anuturally heals the body. Please send me your email for enqiuries.

    Kind Regards

    • henry october henry october

      Hi Pheonix, I am a type 2 diabetic and also have gout. I use purcose as prescribed for my gout however I would like to control it with a natural product. Please assist.
      Thanks Henry.

      • Phumzile matwa Phumzile matwa

        I would like to get newsletter on how to manage high uric acid level in the body…

        • Hi Phumzile,
          Unfortunately we don’t have much information on that… Is high uric acid the same as an acidic system?

  3. Steff Hughes Steff Hughes

    Hi there,

    Have you adjusted your diet so that you eat less of the things that cause gout flare ups? I’ve found that this helped. My doctor gave me a list of things to avoid. I don’t have it to hand right now, but I’m sure that there should be lots of lists online.

    Good luck

  4. Apply ice on the swollen area, reduces pain it immediately. You can also try applying ice packs to swollen inflamed joints.
    You can prepare a paste of ground mustard seed and whole-grain powder. Add some water. This reduces the inflammation.
    Do not consume paracetamol or aspirin, because they have a tendency, uric acid, which in turn can cause many problems remain. Take ibuprofen as it is one of the best of gout medication.
    Drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water daily, causes water to the early elimination of uric acid crystals deposited. One of the best ways to prevent gout, is a follow gout diet and limit the consumption of alcohol and meat.

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