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The Klein Karoo Diabetic Retreat

Looking for a change in your Type 2 diabetic life? Take a look at this diabetic retreat that one of our Sweet Life diabetes community members is running!
diabetic retreatThe Klein Karoo Diabetic Retreat is where newly diagnosed and veteran Type 2 diabetics come together in a nurturing and diabetic friendly environment, to learn and experience the skills necessary to manage, control and live with diabetes.

Usually when a patient is diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, they are given a rundown of the dos and don’ts, a prescription and then left very much to their own devices, to make sense of their new condition and how to put it all together.

As diabetes is a chronic (lifelong), lifestyle disease, without assistance the adjustments required often prove too daunting for the average person.  In addition there is little or no support system, so necessary to assist the patient during the transition. With the result that old, inappropriate habits are not changed and the patient, very much continues as before, making only minor adjustments for medication.

Newly diagnosed and to some extent, veteran diabetics’ need an environment in which to implement and experience their new lifestyle in order to adapt and better understand, manage and control the disease.  At The Klein Karoo Diabetic Retreat patients acquire all the necessary skills to manage their condition though a multi disciplined approach of correct eating habits, best exercise practices and medication management.

Ideally situated in the Klein Karoo, The Klein Karoo Diabetic Retreat is sufficiently secluded to enable the attendees to focus almost exclusively on the program, without compromising the need for expert medical care should the need arise.

At The Klein Karoo Diabetic Retreat we provide a holistic environment in which the patient can adopt a sustainable blue print around which to model their new diabetic lifestyle.

To this end we offer the following as part of our wellness program.

  • · Diet and meal plan consultation.*
  • · Physical assessment.*
  • · Personalised exercise plan.*
  • · Foot and wound care workshop.
  • · Ophthalmic (Eye care) evaluation.*
  • · Professional medication and blood testing management.
  • · Exercise routines (walks/gym).
  • · Food preparation classes.
  • · Group support and networking.
  • · Psychology of Diabetes lecture and discussion
  • · Facilitated Group discussions by qualified councillors
  • · Daily Program workbook.

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  1. Ferdi Louw Ferdi Louw

    kan iemand my asb. HELP ek is al moedeloos ek is diaabeet tipe 1……my suiker so tussen 20 tot 25 het insulien gespuit maar dit maak my slegter voel….wil graag iewers uitkom waar mense my kan help om reg te eet en regte medikasie….moontlik die insulienpompie? Ek gebruik tans Galvus Met50 mg\1000mg enDiamacron 30mg Ek is nie oorgewig nie Gedink om by n retreat uit te kom so vir n week lank?

    • Hi Ferdi,
      Sorry my Afrikaans isn’t good enough to reply in Afrikaans! I think the most important thing is to find a doctor you can trust and sort out your medication. You must be feeling terrible with blood sugar of 20 and 25! Something is not right. Whereabouts are you based so we can put you in touch with a good diabetes specialist?

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