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The joy of a healthy diabetic day…

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I have a blog- over on my website – that’s mostly neglected these days… but I was scrolling through some old posts and I found one from June 2010 that I thought you all would enjoy! Here it is:

I never had a real understanding of how wonderful it is to be healthy until I found myself in ICU with diabetes. And while I haven’t thought about it a lot lately, a combination of two things in the last couple of days brought the beauty of being healthy to light.

The first is that I had a doctor’s appointment with an endocrinologist, i.e. a diabetes specialist. What a relief! I didn’t realise quite how alone I had felt in my condition until I had someone to talk to who not only understood my concerns (unexplained highs or lows, leaking pens, hormonal fluctuations of blood sugar readings) but could do something about it. I’m testing in a new way now, and then we’re going to look at my insulin regime and see if it’s working as hard as it should be. I generally don’t feel that diabetic (I feel remarkably well most days), but having a doctor test for heart / kidney / lung / circulation / eye problems etc etc etc, made me realise just how lucky I am to be so healthy.

The other is that two of my brothers ran the Comrades Marathon today. For those non-South-Africans, the Comrades is the longest road marathon in the world (I think – I stand to be corrected). It is a staggering 89km, between Durban and Pietermaritzburg, a trip that takes almost an hour by car.

While I can imagine nothing worse (literally, nothing worse) to do with a day of my life, it is an extraordinary feat of endurance and strength, and I am so proud of my brothers for finishing. Their bodies are somewhat broken, they’re totally depleted, but they’ve achieved something that only a few people ever do.

Reflecting on how totally exhausted they are has made me extra-grateful for how well I feel today, though.

So here it is, a totally physically healthy gratitude list:

  • I’m so happy I am strong and pain-free and full of energy and vitality.
  • I’m so happy all my limbs work and my organs are doing what they need to without me telling them (except for my pancreas, but I’m happy my body listens to insulin even if it’s stopped hearing my pancreas!)
  • I’m so happy I don’t have any illness in my body, and that I wake up every morning feeling strong and alive and ready to face a new day.
  • I’m so happy I’m not in hospital. I’ve been there, it’s not fun.
  • I’m so happy my mind is clear and my heart is at peace.

When’s the last time you got happy for feeling fine?

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  1. A bunch of your post has really gotten me through, I really appreciate it!

  2. Fell out of bed feeling down. This has brigthneed my day!

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