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The best (expert!) diabetic advice

What’s the best piece of diabetic advice you can give?

We asked our Panel of Experts (some of SA’s top diabetes specialists) for the best diabetic advice they had to offer… Here’s what they had to say:

diabetes advice

Diabetic advice about food and health:

“Focus on the good-for-you foods you want to include in your diet, rather than the things you want to limit.”
Cheryl Meyer, Dietician.

“Make small changes to your diet that could bring about a bigger change in your health. Swap white bread for low GI bread, for example, and leave off the butter.”
Faaiza Paruk, Dietician.

“Exercising, keeping to the right BMI and eating a good diabetic diet are all essential because these factors determine the amount of medication you need. It’s also important not to smoke, to take your medication properly and to visit your doctor regularly.”
Dr. Joel Dave, Endocrinologist.

Diabetic advice about eyes:

“Ask yourself: ‘Have I got diabetic retinopathy: Yes or No?’ The only way you can know that answer is if someone competent and trained has looked at your retina and given you the answer. So visit an ophthalmologist every year!”
Dr. Dale Harrison, Ophthalmologist.

Diabetic advice about feet:

“Always use a good diabetic foot cream. Examine your feet every day, especially if you have neuropathy. Check your shoes with your hands before you put them on to be sure there isn’t anything in them. Ensure your shoes fit properly and have enough space so that there are no pressure areas that could cause blisters or wounds.”
Andy Blecher, Podiatrist.

“Go to a qualified podiatrist for a thorough Diabetic Foot Assessment at least once a year. Ask questions and be informed.”
Anette Thompson, Podiatrist.

Any advice to add?

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  1. shere shere

    I am on Actraphane 30u am & 15 pm. Duringthe fast of Ramadaan how do I administer my insulin? Do I reverse dose? Since 5 mnths ago my glucose went from 6 to 19 in mornings. What am I not doing?
    pls email a reply. Tks.

    • Hi Shere,
      We’re not medical experts, so it’s best to go and see a specialist or doctor who can help you. That is a huge jump in the mornings, so I would say go and see someone as soon as you can. Let us know what they say?
      Good luck!

  2. Heather Heather

    I find that my body gets very sore…feels like needles at times…..also are days when i dont feel good

    • Oh dear, sorry to hear that Heather! Is it on days when your blood sugar is very high? I don’t feel good if my blood sugar is high.

  3. Ben Geldenhuys Ben Geldenhuys

    My sugar is around 14.5 and 15.00 on a regular basis. Is there a suggestion. I am on a strict diet. Please advice to my email.

    • Hi Ben,
      That’s very high – you must be feeling dreadful! Please go to your nearest doctor or clinic as soon as possible. High blood sugar for an extended period of time can be very dangerous… Let us know what they say? Good luck!

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