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The 2014 Changing Diabetes Cycle Relay

Every year the Sweet Life team is amazed at what the Changing Diabetes Cycle Relay team manage to achieve… And this year is no different – 1600km cycled in 52 hours! Here’s all you need to know about this awesome event.

diabetes cycle relay

The Changing Diabetes Cycle Relay ended off on a high note yesterday afternoon when the team arrived at Green Point in Cape Town. The annual relay which aims to raise awareness and funds for diabetes begun in Johannesburg on Thursday (06 November) morning.

The team which was composed of 16 cyclist set out to tackle the 1600km distance in 52 hours.  During the relay, the cyclists made scheduled stops in Maponya Mall, Kimberly Hospital Complex, General Motors in Paarl and at the Virgin Active in Green Point where scores of people came for free diabetes screening and testing.

Speaking at the welcome event yesterday, MMC of Health for the City of Cape Town, Councillor Cynthia Clayton encouraged the cyclists to keep up the good work and to continue to work hard towards Changing Diabetes. “Diabetes is a serious disease, it requires one to change his or her diet and lifestyle” added the Councillor.

Founder of Cycle4Diabetes Dr. Jacques Van Staden expressed his gratitude by giving special mention to event sponsor Novo Nordisk and its partners General Motors for their enormous contribution to making this event a success. He thanked all the cyclists who took the time to participate in the gruelling tow-day challenge and honoured them with medals.

The Changing Diabetes Cycle Relay aims to raise funds to buy insulin for the treatment of disadvantaged children living with diabetes, an initiative by Dr Jacques Van Staden, who cycles to raise sufficient funds to provide disadvantaged children with the insulin they require to manage their condition. The event is also used to raise awareness about the importance of a healthy, active lifestyle.
What do you think of this great initiative?

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