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Take part in an international diabetes survey

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Do you want to be part of an international diabetes research study, specifically aimed at Type 2 diabetics?

This 15-20 minute survey will not only contribute to further diabetes knowledge, but will actually pay you R25 (how cool is that?) Here are the conditions to take part:

– Type 2 diabetes
– Diagnosed with diabetes at 40 years or older
– Currently using insulin
– Taking long-acting (basal) insulin
– Not using an insulin pump

If this sounds like you, click here to help the research study find out more about the behaviour of Type 2 insulin users (things like how often you use insulin, etc.)

There are about 15 questions and it is entirely online. As I said before, when you complete the survey you get R25 – to spend on healthy food, of course!

Check it out (and register) here.

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