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Spiking Blood Sugar Levels after Breakfast?

Seriously confused.
I have Type 2 Diabetes and am on Lantus (12 units) and Galvusmet (50/100 twice daily).
My averages are okay (I think) – my range settings are Low: 5; High: 8.5.
Here’s my issue.  My postprandial levels after breakfast stay high, no matter what I eat.  I usually measure between 5.5 and 7 when I wake up and rarely see a jump of more than 2 after lunch or dinner.  After breakfast, however, my levels often jump to 9 or 10 or above.
What has me stumped is that this happens even when I have Greek Yoghurt (full fat), 24 Almonds & Glucerna powder.  Greek yoghurt has a GI value of 33, Glucerna about 53 and Almonds Zero!  The spike is less when I leave out the almonds, but those are supposed to have no impact on sugar levels at all.  Go figure.
Any ideas?
As an aside, when I complained about not being able to eat pizza, an old guy who has had diabetes forever suggested I drink a Hunters Dry Cider before I eat pizza.  No idea why, and I rarely succumb to the temptation, but it works.
Be well.
– Gideon
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  1. Rodney Rodney

    The glucerna has 26g of carbs. That’s enough for a huge jump. I would stay away from that stuff.
    Remember gi is just the speed of the carbs not the amount. Carbs =BG cut them.

  2. Shireen Shireen

    Hi I’m on glucaphage 850 one in the morning and one at night and the Dr put as well on 8mg protophane .. my sugar still very high what can I do levels in morning read 12.5 I need urgent help

    • Hi Shireen,
      Unfortunately as we aren’t medical professionals we can’t advise on medication dosage… What does your doctor say?

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