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Sore joints and burning feet

Hi there,

My joints are sore, and my feet burn!  What can I use?

It’s especially bad at night…



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  1. Marita Mitchell Marita Mitchell

    In reply to the question about burning feet, I have found the following: check with your doctor that your circulation in your feet is OK. He might also give you a Neurobion injecting once a week for 6 weeks, at home I take Nicotinamide, freely and cheaply available, (ask your pharmacist) 1 tablet twice a day. As a quick relief, run your feet under ice cold water for a few minutes before bed. Always use a cooling cream before you lie down, Recharge is good.
    I hope this all helps.

  2. Joy ross Joy ross

    Thanks for advice. My legs and joints are also very sore especially at night so I’m going right now to my chemist to buy Nicotinamide. I tried Neurobion tablets but sides been very expensive they didn’t help.

  3. Louise Pywell Louise Pywell

    Lyrica is a drug that can help with Neuropathy ( Burning feet ) ,but unfortunately you have to get it on prescription.So go and see your doctor ….

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