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Sometimes diabetes just feels overwhelming… Help!

The thing that makes diabetes different to many other conditions is that it’s chronic – which means it’s full time, all day, every day, from here till forever.

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While that might look like a depressing sentence, it really isn’t! It just means you have to find a sustainable way of managing your diabetes. It’s a marathon, not a sprint – so that means you have to keep reminding yourself of the bigger picture. This can be in small day-to-day ways, like not getting cross with yourself for a high blood sugar reading or for cheating on your perfect diet, but it can also be in much bigger ways, like recognising that the good work you do towards blood sugar control today will result in you being able to live a long, happy life without complications.

Again, the thing to keep in mind is ‘everything in moderation’. It may seem that others can eat a perfectly healthy diet 24/7/365, but any diabetic who is being perfectly honest will tell you they have a secret vice – whether it’s chocolate or baked goodies or beer. Give yourself an occassional (small!) treat and it will be much easier to imagine a life of following most of the rules.

Also give yourself credit for how far you’ve come and how well you’re already doing. Many people don’t pay any attention to their health and wellbeing, and the fact that you’re here means that you really care about yourself. Give yourself a pat on the back! Diabetes isn’t going to go anywhere, so it’s really important that you find ways to cope with it that work for you.

How do you keep yourself from feeling overwhelmed?

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