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Protein vs Carbs for diabetics

Hi Sweet Life Team,

Some time ago while watching the programme Carte Blanche presented by Derek Watts, he and Professor Tim Noakes were discussing  the pros and cons of eating a carbohydrates meal versus a protein meal. I was rather taken back when Prof. Tim Noakes stated that if you wanted to lose weight you should rather go for the high fat protein food and virtually discard the carbohydrates. At the end of the programme Derek Watts stated that he had tried it and had lost 8kgs.

I find this totally contradictory to all dieticians’ meal plans which categorically state that we should decrease protein and favor low glycaemic index carbohydrates.

I have had friends who have lived by the protein rich meals but they will never be able to tell you what a wonderful way to eat because they have all died from excessive cholesterol despite being relatively active.
So what is the answer: eat fatty meals and die slim or live a long life being slightly overweight?

Patrick Holford states always eat protein with carbohydrate – it lowers the G L even more. Did I miss the point in the programme or am I just too thick to understand what was being said?

Please advise and clear my sugar soaked brain!
– Lou Corbitt

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  1. Eloise Eloise

    Tim Noakes does not eat protein with his carbs, he does NOT eat carbs. I’ve beem following his advise for 6 months now and no turning back. My blood sugar is under control. Cholestroll perfect and I’ve lost weight. Dieticians do no agree with this. They were taught differently. The only carbs I eat are veggies with carrots and butternut totalling the most carbs.

  2. Jenna Jenna

    Hi there,
    I too discovered and was confused by the contrasting advise given by dieticians VS all the popular high protein diets (eg. by Tim Noakes / South Beach / Dukan / Diets).
    I went to a dietician a while ago for several months and eating the prescribed 5 portions of Low GI carbohydrates a day was, for me, not as helpful as following a high protein diet.
    HOWEVER I also find it unnecessary to cut out ALL carbohydrates and still include a bit of fruit and fat free / low fat dairy in my daily intake as well as the occasional wholegrain carb (eg basmati rice) – Without these small amounts of carbohydrate rich foods my sugar levels do tend to drop too low, so there is truth in that you need that bit of energy which a carbohydrate rich food will provide, but for the most part I find protein far more filling and satisfying plus less carbohydrates in my diet require me to inject less Insulin therefore helping me to control my weight better too.
    I think the main thing to focus on is portion sizes of carbohydrates – I find it unnecessary to have more than one serving per snack / meal and try not to go over 20g of carbohydrates. Also teaming it with a protein (like low fat cheese / nut butter) will assist i lowering the glycaemic index.
    Overall I would say a high protein diet helps control sugar levels and weight better and is far more satisfying.

  3. Marita Marita

    When I was first diagnosed with type 2, I went to a dietician who produced the same old same old diet, not really that different from anyone else’s. I failed on this diet, the so called Low GI diet. I have been fighting it, with my heart and body saying, carbs turn into sugar, how can that be right? It is not in my nature not to question, and I find the CDE’s very narrow minded outlook annoying to say the least. We are not one size fits all. I for one would like to and have been experimenting with all sorts of eating plans.
    In America there seems to be a choice and no one demonizes one in preference for the other.
    My husband, who has been having difficulty in keeping his blood sugar low, to the point of increasing medication and moving on to insulin, Leaped at Tim Noakes’s Diet Plan and his blood sugar was too low after two days. He has now managed to structure the diet to keep his sugar balanced (by adding fruit and veg.) and doesn’t feel deprived or hungry at all. i struggle on the low carb diet, but I love having a choice that I can try to make work for me.

    My question would be to the CDE : Why do, so called, experts have to be so blinkered? Can’t you just for a moment open your minds to a different way of achieving the same outcome – better blood sugar control and better health.

    There is no doubt that obesity and diabetes have escalated as our lifestyles changed to more refined food. My parents ate mostly red meat (with fat) low starch, plenty of fresh veggies and home baked bread. They had fewer medical problems that we have now, having listened to the wisdom of the Experts.

  4. Gerhard Gerhard

    I am a medical doctor myself and suffered from Type II Diabetes, sleep apnoea, atrial fibrillation and hypertension. I started on the Dukan diet and lost 21 kg in 3 months. For the past 2 months I do not have to use any anti-diabetic medication. My Hb1Ac is 5.2. My Atrial fibrillation dissappeared and there is no more snoring or sleep apnoea.I had to stop some of my anti- hypertensive drugs. In spite of eating 4-5 eggs per day, my cholesterol dropped from 6.2 to 4.7 ,on no medication. I feel 10 years younger with a lot of energy. Is that not enough proof?

What do you think?

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