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Past issues of Sweet Life magazine

sweet life magazine

Want to read all the past issues of Sweet Life magazine? They’re all here!

For five years, we published a quarterly print magazine of Sweet Life, and distributed it for free around South Africa. It was supported by ads from pharmaceuticals, which is how we could send it for free. Then, in 2016, the laws changed around pharmaceuticals being able to advertise directly to patients, so our advertising dried up. We didn’t want to lose all the information from 20 issues of Sweet Life, so we’ve put it all on our community blog, and below. Choose whether to read it as articles, or in digital magazine format.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the latest issue, or check it out here.

What is Sweet Life?

Sweet Life offers easy-to-understand information and advice about diabetes – Type 1 diabetes, Type 2 diabetes and gestational diabetes. On this page we’ve linked to all the past issues of Sweet Life diabetes lifestyle magazine. With sections on diabetic diet, exercise and diabetes, family and friends with diabetes, the emotional side of diabetes and medical advancements with diabetes, you’ll find all you need to know about living a healthy, happy life with diabetes. Be sure to check out our diabetes community blog for regular updates on everything to do with diabetes in South Africa, and join our community on Facebook. Have a question we haven’t answered? Email us and we’ll ask our diabetes experts for an answer.

All the past issues: 1 to 20

Sweet Life Issue 1


Sweet Life Issue 2


Sweet Life Issue 3


Sweet Life Issue 4


Sweet Life Issue 5


Sweet Life Issue 6


Sweet Life Issue 7


Sweet Life Issue 8


Sweet Life Issue 9


Sweet Life Issue 10


Sweet Life Issue 11


Sweet Life Issue 12


Sweet Life Issue 13

Sweet Life Issue 14

Sweet Life Issue 15

Sweet Life Issue 16

Sweet Life Issue 17

Sweet Life Issue 18

Sweet Life issue 19


Sweet Life issue 20