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‘Parents of Type 1 toddlers’ support group

Hi there, all

My gorgeous son, David, was diagnosed with Type 1 in January this year. He’s 2 years and 9 months old.

I was wondering whether any other moms/dads with Type 1 toddlers might be keen on setting up a support group, either online, or as a monthly get together. I’m based in Northcliff in Joburg

It may be a great way to bounce ideas off each other, since there are many challenges that are specific to the toddler age group (getting them to eat their veggies being not the least among them!), and I haven’t seen any groups/websites that deal primarily with the toddler age level.

Let me know if anyone’s keen? Thanks!

– Hayley

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  1. Hi Hayley there is a support group on facebook. Kids powered by insulin. riette van der westhuizen can connect you to the parents in JHB.

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