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Advice from a Type 1 Diabetic

This is a message we received from one of our Type 1 diabetic Sweet Life Diabetes Community members who wanted to share her story… Email us if you’d like to do the same.


Journey of a Type 1 diabetic


I am a Type 1 diabetic who for the first two years had perfect control. Then something happened… Life happened. I lost my control and actually started to feel like what’s the point? I gained ten kilos, my HbA1c is off the charts.

But I kept moving: running, yoga, spinning, aerobics, you name it. Eventually my lack of control or my inability to control my eating, my blood glucose and my life started to weigh down on me. I became depressed and burned out… And so I ate some more.

Mentally positive

Over the past two months I have been on a journey into myself, I’ve read Deepak Chopra’s ‘Perfect Health’ and put my mind in a better place. I meditate daily and I believe that every moment, every challenge, every situation is as it should be. There is no reason why this shouldn’t be happening to me. This isn’t something that “happens” to people. I believe that I am my body and I am the energy I need to change things. I have started drinking water with two lady fingers and cinnamon every morning, eating according to some version of an Ayurvedic diet… And I am friends with my insulin pump.

Accepting our circumstances

The road is long but instead of asking why do I have to deal with this, rather I believe why shouldn’t I deal with it. I practice yoga and just last month I ran a total of 108kms. The path of least resistance is magical and as soon as we accept our circumstance, take ownership and responsibility, and instead of using our energy defensively by validating what people think of us, rather use that energy to liberate ourselves. We can create something beautiful.

– Maryam

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