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News alert: a high fat diet can trigger diabetes!

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A new study in the journal, Nature Medicine, has found a link between a high fat diet and Type 2 diabetes.

Although the link between obesity (often caused by eating a high-fat diet) and Type 2 diabetes (also known as diabetes 2 or sugar diabetes in South Africa) has been known for some time, this new study shows how fat disrupts the production of the enzyme GnT-4a which allows the cells in the body to absorb glucose. This is a much more direct link between fat and diabetes than has been made before.

The study has only been done in mice (so far!) and although nobody wants to admit it could lead to a cure for Type 2 diabetes, it is certainly an interesting study…
Get all the details in the original study here, or in the BBC News article about it here.

In the meantime, there’s no harm in cutting out as much high-fat foods as possible! In fact, there are many benefits to it… Check out our blog posts on a healthy diet for people with diabetes, then go and eat some fresh vegetables!

Do you eat a low-fat diet?

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