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My Type 2 diabetes story:

Good morning

I found this wonderful email in my inbox this morning that told me about your site. I’ve always thought South Africa needed a forum like this but were never able to find one.

I would like to share my story and maybe by doing so I can help someone else going thru the same deal as I did,

Some history. I use to life in the USA and were eating all kinds of junk food, my Uncle lost his leg due to diabetes and finally lost his life due to complications of diabetes. After this happened I went for a checkup in the US and the results showed that I did not have any sugar issues at that point, I was weighing in at 171kgs.

After returning to South Africa I was finally diagnosed with Diabetes and High Blood Pressure, and were put onto medicine to help for this. The doc started out with diabetic pills but it did not seems to help to get my readings down from 20+mmol. I started to loose a lot of weight and were told that this was de to my sugar levels being extremely high. I decided to go to a specialist and were told that if I do not change my lifestyle I would have to start injecting Bayetta in order to control my sugar. But still refused to take on Bayetta and thought at that point that I would just change my lifestyle and it would go away. It did not, neither did my lifestyle change and after a while I was taking Bayetta shots twice a day. It helped but I was still getting high readings.

Then I saw a movie called “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”, this was an eye opener to me. I also started to exercise more regularly. In this movie the guy uses vegetable juice to “Reboot” his life. It is extreme but I was ready to try everything since my medication were costing me around R1500 per month. So I started juicing, replacing two meals a day with green juice! Within a week I was told to stop taking my Bayetta injections because my levels were dropping too low, then I started to go on a 10 Day Juice Fast and were able to stop taking ALL my medication. Today I’m weighing in at 143kg and still going strong, I’m still juicing two meals a day and eating the 3rd.

I hope that by sharing my story I can help others to do the same. There is no trial that can proof this works but I know it worked for me and it might work for someone else.


Pieter de Beer

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  1. Henry Henry

    Diabetes 2 is now considered an autoimmune disease.
    See article below

    It means there are antibodies to Insulin.
    Insulin resistance is also part of the problem with antibodies to insulin. The insulin is there but the antibodies bind to it and it is not free to act as insulin. Even when more insulin is produced, again the antibodies bind to the extra insulin. It is therefore important to remove these Insulin antibodies.

    Oral Tolerance (O.T.) is the most successful way of treating Diabetes 2 & various autoimmune diseases.

    View link to understand better.

    And the most important part is O.T. is successful in animal trials of autoimmune diseases.
    View link for Success in Animals trials below:

    But it has not been successful in human trials.

    However if ALL OF THE FACTORS in the animal trials were duplicated in human trials then we will have success too. The reason animal trials were positive is because in most cases the animals wereyoung – their immune systems were producing good amounts of themissing factor – CD80/CD86. The suppressor T cells – ourattention should be on this cell because it is responsible for lowering antibodies (immunoglobin G) and can bring total healing & cure.

    The Reserch by Dr. Polly Matzinger explains this best :
    The T cell needs 2 factors or signals for full activation.
    1.) a peptide similar to INsulin – a tiny dose 1 mg. this primes or makes ready theT cell. But without the 2nd signal the T cell remains in anergy( no activity).

    2.) the Second signal – is CD80 or CD86 – either one is enough to make the Tcell go thru the changes that makes it a fully activated cell.It is the Second Signal where Modern medicine has not progressed further & failed. CD80 and CD86 are factors found in the blood.

    Many Blood Factors and their production are increased by Herbs;
    For EXAMPLE:
    1.) VEGF(Vascular endothelial Growth Factor) – expression increased by Chinese herb Angelica sinensis.
    2.) Interferon-G – expression induced by Astragalus membraneous root, licorice and some extracts from certain beans.
    3.) Tumor necrosis factor- alpha – production increased by Coptis herb
    4.) INterleukin-2 – expression increased by Goji berries.

    The important fact is CD80 And/or CD86 which are the missing ingredientscan be induced by Herbs.CD80 production is possible thru the use of plants &/or mushrooms.
    1.) Agaricus bisporus – can induce CD80 . Agaricus bisporus is the white Button mushroom or champignon mushroom found in most U.S. and Canadian supermarkets.

    see article

    2.) Goji berry known as Lycium barbarum – juice and extracts induces CD80- available from most Food supplement stores & the internet
    See article

    The above 2 examples are proof that the solution is Oral Tolerance and herbs.
    Modern Research has a handicap – all Modern Research have partnered with Drug Companies and Drug makers policy will not test Herbs because herbs can not be patented. If they spend millions on tests, anyone can buy the herbs and
    go without the drugs.

    Lux Research – a division of Lux Health Resources has done the research.
    The herbs take only 4 days of for each course of treatment followed by 15 days of
    transition – meaning the body makes the necessary changes.
    For mild cases 2 – 3 courses -.
    For moderate cases – about 4 to 6 courses.
    For severe cases – 7 to 8 courses of treatment.

    Lux Research is doing trials now.
    If you are interested in being included in trials, you will not be charged for the remedy.
    This is a win-win situation, you get the cure and we get MORE proof that can be presented to the medical community and the world.
    We will be writing an article on this trial and publish it in a Health , Medical Treatment and/or Research Journal.

    Many will be skeptical & doubt this article. We anticipate this and come up with Their Question.

    Q:How will one really know that this treatment works?

    ANSWER: Each course takes 21 days, if on your first 21 days you show
    significant lowering of your sugar compared to the beginning, will you be convinced?
    A Diabetic 2 subject should first monitor their Blood Sugar levels before taking
    this treatment WITHOUT taking Diabetic drugs..

    We found that on the FIRST COURSE OF TREATMENT there will be significant changes in blood sugar w/c appears and this change is apparent by the 18th to 21st days.
    The 20th & 21st day show the most improvement so that is the time to test one’s blood glucose levels.
    Then compare this results with Pre-treatment levels. This is ENOUGH proof because if one improves on the first course, it will do so again for all succeeding courses.
    All one has to do is continue with more treatments because each course of treatment shows more improvement than the previous & there will come to the point where the subject’s sugar levels will be normal. The T cells live very long, a whole lifetime so the cure is permanent.

    Any comments or questions?
    Contact us via

  2. Pieter de Beer Pieter de Beer

    Hi All! I’m more than willing to share!
    Ok, here we go! First I would like to mention that I’m not a spokes person for these people but found their site via their movie. Visit they have wonderfull recipe ideas there. B…UT: I do not follow a recipe, I life on a small farm far from stores and just juiced diffrent veggies that I could find.
    Mainly my juice consits of : 4 Granny Smith Apples, 4 Large Carrots, 4 Sticks Cellery, Small Bit of Ginger, 1 Orange (peeled), 1 Cucumber, 1 Brocoli, and a bunch of spinage and Brussel Sprouds. But there are no limit to what you can juice, trick is to stay away from sweet fruits!!! I can promise anyone that the first few days is increadbly hard but it totally worth it! Remeber it is very important to not stop taking you meds, the juice helped me but you might have diffrent results.
    It is very important that you check you sugar levels constantly while doing this!! Also important to get your body moving, start walking more or running, or do what I did and join the gym. When you go on a full juice diet you will feel sick the 1st 5 days or so after that you will start to feel much better, you will also not have energy to do alot during these days, and thats why I started after day 10 to eat one meal so that I could have more energy to exercise!
    If you have any more questions feel free to ask!!! ENJOY!! HAPPY DAYS!!!!

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