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My rollercoaster diabetes weekend:

I have to say, 90% of the time diabetes doesn’t really get in my way. I’m aware of it, of course – what Type 1 diabetic isn’t? – but day to day I’m lucky enough to feel well and healthy and full of energy. Most of the time my numbers are pretty stable, higher than some perhaps, but I made the decision to aim slightly higher so that I didn’t have as many lows (which I hate so very, very much).

Anyway, that’s most of the time. This weekend I had an absolute rollercoaster of a weekend with diabetes. Allow me to explain:

  • Friday: I resigned from my job. The rush of adrenaline hit me in the evening and gave me high blood sugar. What a nice gift!
  • Saturday: the day was pretty unexciting, the evening was my sister-in-law’s 30th birthday. Which meant lots of dancing, some chocolate birthday cake, and a high when I got home at 2am. I left it, knowing how much I’d been dancing, and went low at 8am.
  • Sunday: Foolishly, foolishly, went back to bed at 8am, after correcting my low, without taking my morning dose of long-acting insulin (I was sleepy!) When I woke up for real at 10.30am and had breakfast, I took my long-acting insulin. I usually take it around 7.30 to 8am, so the late injection didn’t do me any favours – I was high all morning, despite going for a long walk on the mountain.
    Then it kicked in. Alll afternoon, no matter what I ate, I kept going low. Until I over-corrected, and went high before dinner. Perfect after dinner. Super-low at midnight, when the late dose of long-acting combined with the normal dose of night-time long-acting.

Crikey moses! What a day.

This morning, thankfully, I woke up feeling fine (upside down blood sugar has been known to give me migraines in the past) and I am now determined to have the most boring food week of my life. Normal food, normal bedtimes, normal blood sugar (I hope!)

Have you had a weekend like this before? It makes me appreciate stability!

– Bridget McNulty

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  1. From Facebook (Diabetic South Africans):

    Yes, i had alot of days just like your weekend! Mostly high sugar! ]: I know how you feel! Horrable! My highst sugar was 44.9 last year!

    To be honnist, I rather have high sugar than a hippo! My lowest was 1.8! That is much wors than the 44, or maybe not…
    – Ane Greyvenstein

  2. From Facebook (Diabetic South Africans):

    Ane i have never had low sugar my lowest has been 13 my highst has been 49 and that landed me in hospital. Today was the first time in 3 years that my sugar was 7.9 this morning and a hour later it was 17.9!

    Yip it is not a good feeling when it gets that hight.
    – Elaine Boshoff

  3. From Facebook (Diabetic South Africans):

    hmmm the constant high blood sugars are causing you so many complications. try and take the plunge and make the effort to keep your sugar levels as normal as possible!
    – Shirley Desmond

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