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More fantastic meal ideas

In issue 6 of Sweet Life magazine, our fabulous dietician Genevieve Jardine shared some great ideas for Meals at the speed of life…

Looking for more delicious meal ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Here they are!


  • High fibre, low GI cereals are an easy option for a quick breakfast. Oats can be microwaved at work or instant oats can be used in emergencies.


  • Leftovers from the night before. It is not advisable to have two main meals a day so please watch your portion sizes of the leftovers. Lunch should be a lighter meal.
  • A low fat convenience meal. Read the food labels and aim for about 1000Kj to 1500Kj per meal, 15-45g of carbohydrate per meal and low in fat. This is, of course, is person specific.
  • A collection of small snacks can make a meal. A couple of wholewheat crackers, a fruit, yoghurt and a small handful of nuts would be enough for a lunch.


  • Make use of canned beans, lentil and chick peas. Canned tomato and onion sauces are good or bottle pasta sauces that are low in sodium and have less that 3g fat per 100g sauce.
  • Make use of slow cooking methods (e.g. a crockpot) which means that you put the food on in the morning, let it cook during the day and when you get home it is done.

Do you have any other no-fail meal ideas to share with the community?

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  1. gail welch gail welch

    Hi there. I was looking at the diet sheet but I also have a problem with Wheat products so I can`t eat high fibre stuff, oats etc, as I get a very upset tummy. Any other ideas you can impart about a diet for me?
    Thanking you
    Gail Welch

    • Hi Gail,
      So sorry to hear that… The general rule of thumb is 1/4 plate protein, 1/4 carb and 1/2 veg or salad. So you could replace the high fibre content with other kinds of carbs, like yoghurt for breakfast, butternut or potatoes for lunch or dinner. I’m not a dietician, so I don’t want to give you the wrong advice, but you can check out our past issues of Sweet Life for inspiration if you like? You’ll find them at

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