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Metabolic syndrome and diabetes

Hi there,

I came across your website while surfing for information.  I understand that it’s for people already suffering with diabetes but I am hoping you won’t mind giving me some direction.

If one has been warned that the symptoms your bloods uncovered MAY indicate ‘metabolic syndrome’ would it be wise for me to purchase a glucometer to start testing my ‘sugar’ – ultimately to know which foods/carbs could be causing me problems?

I just find doctors don’t tell you too much and I feel as though I am floundering in the dark.  I suggested lifestyle changes in an attempt NOT to be prescribed statins BUT I’ve needed to do my own research and dietary changes.  It’s been an amazing journey but I simply I don’t want to find that, in a few years’ time, I am diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes because I didn’t accept responsibility for my own health.

Any advice?

Many thanks,

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