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Losing weight with diabetes?

I’m just recently diagnosed as a diabetic.

My doctor has told me to lose 10kg and exercise, but being a busy mum of 3 what can I eat to lose weight and keep my sugar levels constant?

Any advice would be helpful!

– Vanessa Reddy

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  1. Willie Belelie Willie Belelie

    Start with not regard this as a death sentence but rather a new way of life.
    It is more disciplined than you think.
    Talk again
    Willie Belelie

  2. From Facebook (Diabetic South Africans):

    Consult a dietician! My experience is that any new diet or eating plan creates chaos with your blood sugar levels and you have to learn to control it. Work together with your diabetic caregiver and dietician. Constant hypos are a nightmare!
    -Tertia Jacobs Henin

  3. Studies show now that weight-watchers works better than dieting alone. Folks drop more weight on weight watchers than they will dieting alone. There’s no big deal to this, it’s plain peer pressure that encourages people not to over-eat. It’s interesting though that people will respond far better to potential criticism from their fellows than they will to health concerns. Shows our priorities, and not in a good light either LOL!

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