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Is Aspartame good for diabetics?

I keep on getting emails telling me how dangerous Aspartame is. I drink Diet Coke and have Sugar Free Tablets.  I have phoned my doctor and dietician who say is is not true but I’m still concerned.

What do you think about Aspartame?

– Joy Ross

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  1. Yash Yash

    I believe that there are far too many unanswered questions regarding aspartame. Sadly, many doctors themselves are not in a position to give us a fair comment as they’re intimately involved with the very businesses that punt aspartame so impartiality can’t be taken for granted. I believe the consumer needs to educate themselves and simply “google” it and decide for themselves. Personally, I wouldn’t touch it !!!

  2. Thea van Aarle Thea van Aarle

    It would be good to hear from the “experts” about this, a lot of the sweeteners appear to have Aspartame in it, I have been using Candarel for years and am not aware that it has given me any side effects.
    Thanks for you mag, I enjoyed every moment of it.

  3. Lyn Starck Lyn Starck

    There is very little evidence that Aspartame is dangerous
    If you are having it in large amounts ie thosands it may cause problems as would anything that is abused such as coffee
    Try to take as much as possible without sugar
    Lyn Starck

What do you think?

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