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I’m Worried About Getting Diabetes!

Hi to all at  SWEET LIFE,

I am so happy to have found the right people to ask my question and allay my fears!

I am lucky to be relatively fit and healthy and pretty active.

I am 52, weigh about 65kg and really enjoy food, wine, chocolate and all the other delightfully decadent offerings the world has to offer.

I just worry about sugar being “THE SILENT KILLER” and that one day it is going to zap me and I’ll wake up with Sugar Diabetes.

I have had my sugar levels checked on occasion and they are usually normal.

Are there any signs I need to watch for?   Will my pancreas one day fall victim to the silent killer?   Could it be under attack as I type?

I would be very grateful for some information as I haven’t really find direct answers to the above questions.

Looking so forward to a reply.

Warm Regards,


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One Comment

  1. Hi Erica!
    I’m happy to say that if you’ve had your blood sugar checked and it’s normal, you’re probably fine. There are five common symptoms of diabetes you can be on the lookout for, but it’s a good idea to get an annual blood sugar check anyway – that will tell you if you’re at risk of pre-diabetes (which precedes Type 2 diabetes). These symptoms are also common for Type 1 diabetes, which only affects 10% of diabetics and is impossible to ignore (you would get very sick very fast).

    The symptoms are:
    1. Extreme thirst
    2. Extreme hunger
    3. Needing to pee a lot
    4. Constant exhaustion
    5. Blurry vision

    Do any of these ring a bell? I hope not!

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