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Hypoglycemia caused me to crash my car

Gosh, being a diabetic sucks most of the time but when you have an accident it makes you despise the condition even more!

I get seen at Groote Schuur, which is where I am now for my check up and as I do a lot of exercise and am a massage therapist it is important that I check my levels probably more than most. However I only get 100 test strips a month and as they cost nearly R5 a test strip it’s just way out of my budget, so please any help with test strip sponsorship or cheaper ways of getting it would be great.

It sucks to want to test but can’t due to this. And if I could test as much as I wanted I would have better control and possibly could have avoided writing my car off.

– Lisa Rouhana

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  1. Mariana Mariana

    Hi Lisa, if you have to test 3 times a day 100 strips can last a month. What type of glucometer are you using?

  2. Krish Cullen Krish Cullen

    Hi Lisa.
    Do not despair as this does also effects one.
    The only problem is sticks are different for each tester, so u need to be specific.

  3. From Facebook (Diabetic South Africans):

    oh my goodness my heart really goes out to you… I’m in the same boat with test strips being very expensive but fortunately I’m not on insulin so i don’t have to test often.. it really sucks that so many people struggle to afford this necessary stuff. I really hope something comes through for you!!
    – Kirsten Marx

    Hi lisa i have the same problem with the strips i go to the clinice and get them there for nothing. I got to test myself 4 times a day because i use insulin.
    – Elaine Boshoff

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