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How to get an insulin pump?


I have extreme problems with high sugar levels. I was recently in Unitas Hospital where Dr Moolman recommended that I must get an insulin pump as soon as possible.

The problem is that I cannot afford one. I’m trying now to apply for one the Department of Health but are having problems there as well.

I’m 42 with Diabetes Millitus and its affecting my whole life.

Can you please give me some advice as to how to apply for a pump which I will be able to afford.

Thanx for your time,

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  1. shirley shirley

    Hi. Are you on a medical aid? I do not think you will get an insulin pump through department of health – I have not heard of anyone accessing state healthcare that is on an insulin pump. Besides the pump the monthly consumables (what you need to use the pump) are very costly)

    Contact the companies who manufacture the pumps. Currently Medtronic and Roche in south africa and ask if they have any assistance programs.

    If you are on medical aid – apply through the medical aid – you will need a motivation from your endo, downloads of your readings, past hba1c readings and whatever other documentation they request.

    Remember though that you will need your doctor and a trained diabetic nurse who works with insulin pumps to help you with pump set up and monitoring. You also need to be able to carb count before you can even consider using the insulin pump, a dietician familiar with this can teach you.

    The pump will not miraculously contol your blood sugar levels- it is lots of work and you will need lots of help from your medical team. Its not something you can just get and use without working with your medical team. If not used/ understood properly it will not be effective

    • Daan Daan

      Hi I have a Medtronic 722 insulin pump, want to upgrade. You can contact me its 100% excellent condition.
      R5500 new R27000
      081 458 4834

      • Hi Daan,
        I’m not sure it’s entirely legal to sell pumps (and I know it’s not recommended)… Maybe call your pump company and ask for their advice?

      • Is your pump still available. How much does the monthly consumables cost

      • Jurie Jurie

        Hi Daan.

        Any chance that you might still have this pump?

        • pieter boshoff pieter boshoff

          Hi i do have a 722 medtronic insulin pump that i havent used for years if interested

          • Hi pieter do you still have the pump and what is your price?thankyou

            Amanda nelson

    • Dewald Dewald

      Good day

      I have been Diabetic type 1 for 12 years now and was diagnosed at age 11 i am currently looking for an insulin pump as the Diabetes is starting to cause more and more related health issues from the uncontrolled highs and lows.

      If there is anyone who is maybe selling an old one or selling one because they prefer injections please let me know i am truly desperate at this stage as i am in and out of ICU more times than i would like to count.

      My number is 0767592794

      Thank you


  2. shajahan ali shajahan ali

    I am interested to use insulin pump. I am type 1 diabetic. How I will bought please help me.

    • Charmain Hind Charmain Hind

      Hi Jacqui, please contact me on 0616942714 regarding Pump

  3. Jacqui Jacqui

    Hi. I was on the pump for two months.
    I prefer to use injections and the work I do makes it hard to wear the pump. I am looking at looking at selling my pump and I have a about a month supply as well.

    • mignon mignon

      Helo i am a type 1 diabetic and i am really interested in buying the insulin pump from you? Can you please give me more information

    • Trudie Trudie

      Jaqui I have a friend who needs a pump urgently to make her life a bit better. She is more in hospital than at home. Can you please send me a watsapp to zero79 double8tripple1five2.

    • Hey Jaqui im a diabetic and saw you have a pump for sale tel what wil be asking for it please let me knw via email or whatsapp 082 797 3682


      Hello there , I would like to know if you are still selling your pump.

    • Fathima Fathima

      How much are u selling ur pump for?
      I am willing to buy ur pump
      Kind regards

  4. mignon mignon

    Helo i am interested in buying your pump canyou please give me more details?

  5. Barry Barry

    Is it safe for resale

    • Hi Barry,
      I’m not a doctor but I do know a number of people who have safely bought second-hand insulin pumps.

      • am looking for a pump urgently please for someone in South africa who has type 1 diabetis.He is a young man needing this pump very urgent as his kidneys are like packing

        • Hi Eunice,
          We are a diabetes magazine so don’t have access to any medical equipment. Can I suggest you get the young man’s doctor to motivate to his medical aid for a pump? Good luck!

        • david david

          hi there did you come right with getting a second hand pump?

  6. Eric Els Eric Els

    Hi I am looking for a Medronic insulin pump to buy! I have Addisons Disease we want to try using the pump to supply my Cortisone!

  7. Nadia Nadia

    Medtronic East Africa has now been established in Kenya!! I think speak to your doctor to find out more.

  8. Valencia Valencia

    Good Day,

    I need help for my 9 year old daughter she is type 1 and have a high sugar level her diabetic specialist try 2 times on her medical to get the insulin pump but, they reject every time.

    What can I do?

  9. O O

    Hi everyone,

    I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 20 years ago and I bought an insulin pump in Canada 10 years ago out of desperation. On a recent trip there I dropped my pump in the toilet and it was water damaged and not reparable. My only option was to buy a new one at a cost of $8000!!! roughly R80 000!!!

    I looked around online and found a website called medwow which sells all kinds of second hand and refurbished medical supplies. I bought an insulin pump from a seller in Canada for $1300. There are many sellers of second hand pumps (over 300) mostly from the US and Canada but some also from Europe.

    Here is a link to the insulin pumps section:

    One thing to keep in mind is that technically an insulin pump is a prescription medical device so there is some paperwork to be done to transfer ownership. I never did this to be honest, because I urgently needed a new pump but you may want to look into it.

    If you do buy a pump make sure you get adequate training in how to use it and are in contact with your diabetes team. It can take A LOT of tweaking to get things working right and you absolutely must be comfortable with carbohydrate counting.

    As other people have said beware of the price of consumables! You need to replace your infusion set every 3-5 days. Medtronic recommends changing the insulin vial every 3 days as well but I use mine for up to a month (at a risk of course) without any problems which can cut costs significantly.

    I have been looking for a medical aid in South Africa that will cover insulin pumps/consumables for years without any luck. I think that it is not considered necessary treatment as most people can survive on injections. Even in Canada it is difficult to get coverage for insulin pumping unless you are a minor.

    Hope this helps!

    • Thanks for the comment! It is considered dangerous to buy second-hand pumps in South Africa as each pump is linked to the person who bought it, as you mentioned above. Some medical aids do cover the costs, generally on the higher tiers of the plans. The most important thing is to get a lot of training with a medical professional, as you say. Good luck!

    • Graham Munnik Graham Munnik

      Discovery Medical Aid do cover pumps on their Comprehensive plans under Chronic.

      I got mine via that, would have cost around R22000 retail otherwise.

      I used it for about 14 months before I went back to injections as I had to change medical aids to a plan that did not cover the consumables and I couldn’t afford to carry the monthly costs myself.

      I have an Accutrend supplied by Roche, pump with glucometer.

      I’m selling it as I don’t use it and will not go back to pump therapy. I’m sure that Roche would be able to reset and delete all settings and history to allow someone to configure it (obviously configuration would be by an endocrinologist that is managing a patient).

      I am located in Durban in South Africa.

      • Ian Haynes Ian Haynes

        my accutrend pump broke. is yours still for sale?

  10. Dave Dave

    Hi I am selling a insulin pump Minimed Paradigm 715 in blue with 2 months consumables for R15000

    • Hi Dave,
      Apparently it’s not a good idea to sell insulin pumps, as they’re registered to a certain user? Don’t know the details but I was told it wasn’t a good plan?

  11. Virgilio Rodrigues Virgilio Rodrigues

    Hi I have a brand new minimed 530g
    which I have never used because I got the 630g.The pump has no settings on it and still in it’s box. Make me an offer

    • Hi Virgilio,
      Apparently it’s not a good idea to sell insulin pumps, as they’re registered to a certain user? Don’t know the details but I was told it wasn’t a good plan?

  12. Monique Monique

    Good morning, I’m on this site to find a solution or any help at all I’m really desperate to get a pump to control my insulin levels better I’m a diabetic 1 for 15years now and it all started when I was 12years old when my dad passed away of cancer. I was told the shock was to severe for my body to handle as I watched him growing sicker daily. I had a really horrible life till about 5years back I met a wonderful person whom healed me in so many ways and I am proud to say he is my husband today but I want to give him the gift of becoming a father and now I’m in a big dilemma because I’m really struggling to get my HbA1C on a good level and I do have a rather good medical aid but I was told I need to go to a higher plan before I can be helped and the plan revered to me costs about R5000 per month and I honestly do not have that kind of money even if I do get a pump somehow I still don’t know if they will cover the monthly consumables this is such a sensitive matter for me because we would really love to have a healthy child and a healthy future together and I’m hart broken and can’t help to think that al lot in live is just continuously been taken from me and now the medical aid needs me to go on a higher plan or I will not be helped with a insulin pump which means in my case not having a family but I refuse to believe that and I really hope with all my hart that someone out there can help me so that my prayers can be answered. I will always be thankful in so many ways if someone out there can give me a solution.

    Yours Faithfully

    • Hi Monique,
      So sorry to hear what a hard time you’ve had! It’s true that not only the pump but then the monthly consumables are really expensive and not many medical aids cover all of them. But I’ve had two healthy pregnancies without being on the pump – medical aids will cover extra test strips so you can test your blood sugar 7 times a day while pregnant, and monthly visits to your endocrinologist. Do you have a good endocrinologist? That’s a good place to start, and even if you’re on hospital plan your medical aid will cover 3 visits a year as part of your PMBs (because you’re a Type 1 diabetic).
      You absolutely can have a baby without being on a pump, you just need the right medical team. Let us know where you are and we can ask for recommendations?
      Good luck!

  13. How can i get a insulin pump or insulin patches pls?

    • Hi Corne,
      Best to speak to your doctor about it, as you’ll probably need a letter of recommendation for your medical aid to get an insulin pump. Good luck!

  14. ashley ashley

    pump for sale contact 0787998747,PE

  15. Danell Danell

    Good day. Where Can I buy an Isulin pump in South Africa. I’m a Diabetic for 11 years now



  17. melandie kleinhans melandie kleinhans

    I have a 18 month old insulin pump 640g …good condition.

    I you still want to you can contact me I am also with the same dr

    • Nicholus De Jager Nicholus De Jager

      hi there Melandie

      how much do you want for your pump

  18. Kelly Kelly

    Hello graham Munnik
    I am interested in your pump, is it still for sale

  19. Jurie Jurie

    I have a Medtronic 554. With a bunch of consumables. Make me an offer,

  20. Hi all, I have a Medtronic 640G pump for sale. Used for +- 3 months. Please contact me on 0eight2 doublefive one 6zero eight5.

  21. Akash Bechan Akash Bechan

    Is it still available

  22. Grant Paxton Grant Paxton

    Hi Jacqui what pump have you got tx Grant 0828710153

  23. Good day all, I have a 640G Medtronic Pump I would like to sell. it is fairly new and in an immaculate condition.

  24. Koot Koot

    Good day. I have two insulin pumps die sale. The older Medtronic EVO, and a Medtronic 640G one year old.

    Contact me 0833271362


    • Hi Koot!
      Just a note that apparently when you sell a pump the warranty doesn’t carry over – it’s only attached to the original owner. FYI 🙂

      • Koot Koot

        Good morning. That is correct in that the manufacturer does not carry over the warranty.
        That said, I’ve used the devices until upgrading to the next and they are in perfect order.
        Additionally I’m not selling it at new price … 🤗🤗

  25. Shannon Shannon

    Hi all – I have a 18 month old 670G Medtronic pump for sale, including a Guardian Link 3 Transmitter which is 5 months old, to allow for the linked CGM functionality. Both are still in a very good condition and functioning effectively. I can also provide you with the pump cover and accessories I have bought to suit this device (incl. leg and bra strap). Very importantly, I have almost three full boxes of each of the consumables required for this system (reservoirs, infusion sets and sensors) and a contour next glucometer which has Bluetooth functionality which sends your blood glucose readings directly to your pump.

    I have recently changed to a new system which is why I would like to sell mine.
    Let me know if you are interested.

    • Shannon Shannon

      My WhatsApp number is +447756377169. Please WhatsApp me if you are interested and I can send pictures and prices.

  26. Monique Records Monique Records

    I have 3 Medtronic pumps for sale, they were used when I was younger and I prefer injections. If anyone is interested. I also have some supplies.

    Contact me – 0832262246

  27. Mmule Mmule

    I’m looking for a wireless insulin pump like omnipod supplier in South Africa. Please help

    • Hi Mmule! At present there are only 3 options in South Africa:
      1. Medtronic 780 G is the newest Medtronic pump and is a hybrid close loop system.
      2. Tandem T slim 2 is the newest Tandem pump and is also a hybrid close loop system pump.
      3. Roche Accucheck Combo is a traditional pump.

      • Wilna Wilna

        Hi! I have a brand new Medtronics Minimed 640G still in the unopened sealed box for sale.

      • Louise Louise

        Hi Wilna is die pompie nog beskikbaar? En wat sal jy vra vir hom?

  28. Louise Louise

    Does any one maybe have a Minimed 780g with Guardian. Or know where i can get it at a reasonable price as my medical rejected to cover the device

  29. Coen Blignaut Coen Blignaut

    I have two pumps available, the Medtronic mmt-754 and mmt-722. My daughter used them, but has upgraded.

    I have previously sold one and the owner had no issues with setting it up, however like any medical device the professionals prefer you get a new one. You will still need someone to set it up for you, your basal insulin through the day, insulin/carb ratio, etc.

    Please feel free to whatsapp me on 083-252-4599 (Coen)

    • Monica Monica

      I have 4 pumps available to sell as I have upgraded over the years. You are welcome to contact me on 0721252990. I will only sell them if you are under the care of a nurse educator or specialist who can help yo set it up as it’s a fantastic device BUT must be set up correctly for your safety. Available pumps: All Medtronic Models: paradigm 712; paradigm 714; Minimed 670G; Minimed 640G.

  30. Estian Esterhuizen Estian Esterhuizen

    Good day.

    Anyone that is interested in a Medtronic Paradigm Insulin Pump, can contact me on 0845470692.

  31. Natalie Linde Natalie Linde

    Hi there,

    I have a brand new Medtronic MiniMed 640G insulin pump, never been used, still unopened and in its original wrapping for R20 000 or make me your best offer.

    I am a diabetic for 21 years now and have been on insulin therapy for 12 years now … totally changed my life for the better 🙂 I have upgraded to the 780G pump and am wanting to sell my previous ‘back-up’ pump.

    Wattsapp / contact me on 082 699 7654.

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