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How to bring high blood sugar down?


I am a 38 year old Indian male and my blood sugar levels stay high (11 to 16 ). I am on meds for it but it don’t want to come down to normal. I am a shift worker and don’t have the time to exercise or have plenty of rest and I do smoke.

I am trying to cut down on my smoking and i have a vibro shape machine will this machine help me with the exercise part that I am not getting?

How else can I bring my sugar levels down to normal?

Please advise.
Thank You

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  1. From Facebook (Diabetic South Africans):

    Beverley Pieters Lovemore: There is no other way, (smoking?), low GI diet helped get my insulin intolerance under control, excersie 3 times a week, walk the dog and watch my diet.

    Lisa Hechter: Try drinking alot of water or even tab. But water is very important.

    Ivy De Villiers: More insulin, test for ketones, live low GI, Exetcise, exersize, Wishing you the best, Subash..o and more over..quit smoking or smoke less..!!!

    Steff Hughes: As hard as it is to face up to exercise and a good diet is about the only way. Although my doctor recently swapped my medication and that made a difference, he said that sometimes people don’t react that well to generics. He put me on a slow release version of glucophage instead.

    Kirsten-leigh de Klerk: I personally feel that excercise is a must,even if you aren’t diabetic.going for a walk,10 mins a day at least or go to a dietician and learn how to carb count

    Blessing Tavengwa Mutwira: Drink some cinnamon tea

    Anthea Koedyk: Try diabecin or antigolan, get at dischem, but lots of water, add little bit lemon juice if u get tired of water, desert spoon in glass of water. I find room temp water better than from fridge. Good luck

  2. boipelo boipelo

    they said you can also use applie cider vinegar you need to drink it before your meals
    hope this help

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