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High blood sugar and foot pain


Can anyone tell me: why is it that when my blood sugar goes up, it hurts and affects my right foot?

My doctor said that we aren’t going to stress much about it now. We first have to get the thyroid cancer under control.

But I would like to know – any ideas?

– Estelle

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  1. Marita Marita

    I have a similar problem. When I lie down both my feet burn and hurt. I have to rub them with Recharge foot cream, sometimes twice a night to get to sleep. I would also really like to know why this happens. I suspect it is bad circulation, but don’t know what to do about it.

  2. Peter Peter

    Same problem here. It is certainly circulation and for me it s always a sign that my sugar level is high. Once I am down again it disappears. A sign that I have eaten something what I shoud not have

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