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Healthy eating resolutions

Now that the New Year is well and truly underway, what resolutions are you going to stick to when it comes to healthy eating? Pick n Pay’s dietician Leanne Kiezer suggests three simple resolutions – and gives examples on how to make them work.

1. Eat a healthy breakfast

Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day! Start your day with a satisfying breakfast that doesn’t spike your blood sugar, and you’re more likely to stay in range the whole day.

The perfect breakfast for a person with diabetes is made up of:

  • 1/4 plate high-fibre carbohydrates (unless you’re low carb)
  • 1/4 plate lean proteins
  • 1/2 plate vegetables and fruit
  • Small amount of healthy fats

Here’s a list of what you can choose from to build a healthy breakfast, and here are some healthy breakfast tips.

2. Pack lunch for work

We all know how tempting it can be to grab something unhealthy when we’re at work and hunger pangs strike…

If you pack a lunch for work, you’re much less likely to snack on junk food, and more likely to stick to your healthy eating resolutions. Here are some tips on how to make the right food choices at work.

And here are some ideas for delicious lunchboxes!

  • A sandwich made with low GI bread filled with lean protein (cottage cheese / low-fat meat / tinned fish). Stuff with lettuce, tomato, cucumber and other salad.
  • Vegetable soup with 1 to 2 slices of low GI bread or a small wholewheat roll.
  • A picnic lunch with wholewheat crackers, hummus for a dip and cucumber chunks, carrots sticks, baby tomatoes or snap peas instead of a salad.
  • A salad made with lean protein (chicken or tuna) with very little dressing and no high fat toppings (croutons, bacon bits, cheese etc).

3. Fill half a plate with vegetables at dinner

Need a reminder on how to build balanced meals for healthy eating (don’t we all?!)

The goal is to always fill half your dinner plate with vegetables or salad. That way, there’s less space for carbs! Also remember to have some healthy protein at every meal.

Here are some delicious diabetes-friendly dinner recipes to inspire you.

Pick n Pay Health Hotline

Did you know that Pick n Pay employs a registered dietitian to provide free food and nutrition-related advice to the public? Contact Leanne via the Health Hotline on 0800 11 22 88 or email her directly on to start your nutrition conversation.

How to interpret food labels for diabetics: How do you know if a product is going to be good or bad for your blood sugar? Once you understand what to look for on food labels, you’ll be able to choose the right products to help control your blood sugar.

Eat healthy for diabetes: The one article you need to read about diabetes and diet.

Free Healthy Food Guide: how to eat healthy with diabetes or to lose weight: This Healthy Food Guide shows you exactly which foods to choose (and which to avoid), as well as sharing which

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