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Halaal Health Foods

If you’re struggling to find Halaal health food, we may have the answer! Check out the new business that has recently launched in Cape Town and keep your eyes peeled on the second issue of Sweet Life 2016 for an in-depth interview with the founders…


New wellness brand, Bene-Vita (meaning good life), has proved to have a winning recipe with the launch of a range of Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) products aimed at the Halaal community.
The current range comprises a series of ready-to-make products such as breads (health and Macadamia), savoury muffins, pizza, cakes, and chocolate brownies, and a nutty granola, which are all suitable for those who are Banting.  More importantly, they are of nutritious value to diabetics as well as those prone to gluten sensitivity, ADD, and ADHD.

Since launching at the Southern Suburbs Neighbourhood store, ‘All Good Foods’ in Claremont, the brand has been well received and has now expanded its range to include freshly made LCHF wraps and pizza bases.

Bene-Vita was founded by two busy working mothers who were looking for Halaal foodstuffs that could help them create ‘balanced eating’ for themselves and their growing families. Nadia Matthews and Rayghana Khan, both qualified Somatologists, also wanted to help address lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, that are growing in prevalence among the Muslim community, known for their ‘sweet tooth.’
Says Matthews: “We spent some considerable time looking for the right partners to help us create a series of products that could deliver the right nutritional and health benefits but not compromise on taste.  The result is Bene-Vita and we have both been blown away with the overwhelmingly positive response we have received so far.”

“Such is the demand, we are also looking at stocking ready-made Macadamia flan cases which can be used for baking dessert and savoury meals, as well as Banting friendly chocolates and energy bars, as the extent of what we can offer is practically limitless” commented Khan.
The products are currently available through the shop located in Iman Haroom road, right in the heart of the community they are looking to assist, and also online via their website.  But, accordingly to both, this is just the beginning.  “We are already investigating export orders for

our products,” confirmed Amodien, “the market for Halaal healthfoods is growing and we would like to grow along with it.  We believe can provide one of the key healthfood solutions to our global community and are excited about the future prospects of what could be a truly ‘glocal’ brand” concluded Amodien.

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    Slmz where can I find your products and which halaal certification does your product have?

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