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Emotional Help for Diabetic Child?

Hi there,
My daughter has been a Type 1 diabetic for 2 years+ now. She is 10 years old.

Do you perhaps know of a natural product that I can give her to help her emotionally. She’s been very emotional the past couple of months (sometimes really mad and other times really sad). It really is sad and bothers me so much to see her this way, but I don’t like just giving any chemical medicine. I’d like to know which natural products have other mothers been using and obviously the ones which works the best without any negative results.

Would really like your feedback as soon as possible.
– Carolien

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  1. Samantha Samantha

    Hi Carolien

    Im having the same problems with my son who has been a T1 for 3 years now.He is 12.

    • Carolien Carolien

      Hi Samantha
      At last we know that there’s someone somewhere out there feeling the same and going through the same struggle.
      It shouldn’t be a struggle though! If I hear of anything I will let you know. Please let me know from your side as well.
      all the best with your challenge and may we all grow through this.

  2. justine justine

    i have a t1 diabetic too and surely this is very challenging i hope we could have a play date someday…small steps towards that emotional and psychological support. All the best

  3. Sane Mazibuko Sane Mazibuko

    hi guys,

    personally I was diagnosed with Diabetes T1 at the age of 6, 21 years later, here I am- managing. as a child I think the one thing that I needed more than anything was support from people who are in the same situation. my reason for frustrations were mainly due to people’s reactions to my condition. People feeling pity for me and people saying “you probably had too much sweets as a child.” I would say sign your kids up to those diabetes camps, where children meet other children and share tips on how to manage and deal with certain situations around the diabetes. I think this would lift their spirits far more than any form of medication

  4. Anika Anika

    Hi there Carolien, although your post is dated more than 6 months ago and I only stumble onthis site now, your message grabbed me my the heart. For so many times I was struggling with exactly the same thing. I do hope it is a lot better by now. My daughter is almost 17 and was diagnoses when she was 5. As girls hormones play a big role in their life and as this fluctuates you will see them going up and down on the emotional scale. Your little one is 10 which means she is starting to go into the hormone cycle of becoming a teenager. A very difficult stage for them. We have tried different things through out the years to cope with the up and downs and the immense feeling of sadness which sometimes overwhelms her. I found that a good Vit B helped. And a lot of talking. A lot of hugging. What your daughter is going through is a natural process of coping and trying to deal with and accept the life of a diabetic. Sadly they will always struggle with this. A natural anxiety medication will also help a lot. We think they are moody and depressed, but actually they have huge amounts of anxiety which makes their mood fluctuates a lot. Remember sugar level fluctuations also makes one very moody. We have been through the fearing I will die period, the I want to commit suicide period, the I really don’t care at all period and many more. Take a deep breath – it all does get better. Music and art helps a lot as well to calm the mind and to find another way of expressing the immense feelings inside. I do hope that there is a little bit of advice here that helps. My heart so often breaks for our very brave children.

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