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Does your child have diabetes?

Grant and Doody Adams’ son Matt has Type 1 diabetes, and they’ve made a video all about it. As Grant says:

“We wanted to highlight what diabetes means to families with kids living with them. It is about awareness and the difficult conditions that exist with this type of challenge. Matt has a huge personality and is very brave. He is our superstar, and we did the video to show him that we remember what he goes through every day; and let people who have diabetes know that these kids can lead a normal life.”

The video was sent to us from our friends over at The Ridge Online, and we think it’s great!

Are you the parent of a child with diabetes? Do you have any advice to offer?

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  1. From Facebook (Diabetic South Africans):

    My sons, aged 6 and 14 are both diabetic. I have benefitted so much from a Facebook Support group called “Kids Powered by Insulin”. It’s imperative to see an endocrinologist who specialises in Paediatric Diabetes and has a insight into the situation.
    – Laila Martah

  2. Lyn Starck Lyn Starck

    Hi there

    I am a Diabetes Nurse specialist Looking after about a 1000 children with Type 1 Diabetes

    It is definitely not an easy task,but yhe child can laed a very healthy and “normal” life if one is well educated and make use of all support systems and resources

    The most important thing is to allow the child to be a child and let him join in all school activities and sports

    These children can be very responsible and mature as long as discipline is maintained as for those without Diabetes

    Diabetes should never be an excuse to get off school or something that is expected of them as they will soon be singled out as different and this can create a problem with siblings and other friends

    Children want to fit in with their peers especially when they become teenagers

    Would love to see the video if you can tell where I could buy a copy as it may bne useful to the children in the clinic who do not have access to e-mail etc

    Hope Matt is doing well.Keep up the good work in caring for this very special young man.he is a Star


    Lyn Starck

    Diabetes Clinical nurse specialist

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