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Diabetic Multisports Club

Are you interested in endurance sport and diabetes? Eddie wants to start a Diabetic Multisports Club! Here’s what he has to say…


I started my love hate relationship with endurance sport in 1994. Due to the fact that my father-in-law said that I must run the Comrades Marathon before I can marry his daughter.  Well in 1996 I ran the Comrades and that was the same year that I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.  I did not complete the Comrades, but I got married in 1997 and run the race of a diabetic life.

I struggled to manage my love for endurance sport and to control my diabetes. I was on and off different training  rogrammes and non training programmes, because all endurance athletes don’t understand or couldn’t be bothered about a partner that needs to check his blood sugar and not his time. All the years I ran on my own.

Serious Triathlon Training Sessions

I want to get involved in more serious triathlon training sessions. I am sure that there are more diabetics that need assistance with their training programmes. Wouldn’t it be great if experienced endurance athletes could train with novice runners and help each other to get fit and healthy through a mutual partnership that understands the signs and can assist each other through training programmes and races?

I want to start a multisport club for diabetics that sets up testing stations (like water points) on all your major endurance races.

Diabetic Multisports Club

The Diabetic Multisports club will bring together Type 1 and Type 2 diabetic athletes of all levels who share the common goal of living in a world where diabetes is a factor, not a focus. The club is comprised of both seasoned endurance athletes (runners, cyclists, swimmers and triathletes) as well as athletes who have never participated in an endurance sport.

New athletes will benefit from the experiences of the more seasoned athletes, while those more experienced will have the opportunity to share what they have learned about the challenge of training and competing while keeping their diabetes in good control. While the training process is a period where triathletes can focus on getting in shape and improving their time, for those of us with Type 1 diabetes, it’s a chance to start understanding how different activities and intensity will affect our blood sugar and how we can better manage our diabetes to keep everything in check.

Training and Blood Sugar Testing

It’s also important to train and participate in a group because it can help you figure out how to best manage your time in the actual race, while incorporating blood sugar testing.

As far as the individual activities go, each part of the triathlon training had different effects on my blood sugar and required a slightly different approach for management.

Let’s work together to conquer our own individual mountain!

Please let me know if you would be interested in a Diabetic Multisports Club.

– Eddie

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  1. Peter Peter

    YES YES YES!!!

    I am t1d cyclist and have already for sometime now been trying to get my hands on the changing diabetes cycling kit with no luck.

    I feel that having a club of us “sick” people will really go a long way to educating the masses that believe we can not do activities such as running and cycling.

    So count me in

  2. From Facebook:
    This sounds amazing. I’m not an athlete.. But I do exercise and it is quite challenging to get the balance right on long runs.. I think I often overcompensate with sugary drinks as I am scared of a hypo.
    – Courtney

  3. From Facebook:
    It’s not easy. Therefore you need to train together. I am going to start a Facebook page Thabatriabetes Multisport Club. I test my Blood glucose every 1 hrs on long training sessions. Please like my page and share.
    – Eddie

  4. From Facebook:
    Nice idea Eddie…..I’m a bullet these days (old) but still mountain bike seriously.
    – Keith

  5. Kate Kate

    I am super keen to join. I have run marathons and want to train for comrades and possibly half iron man. Would be great to see how others sugars behave during training.

  6. Shirls Shirls

    yes please.

    I run and swim so would be great to have some support

  7. Danie Danie

    Hi Eddie,

    Precisely what i need. I would like to be more active with moutain biking but do have i problem with my sugar levels up and down, never knowing were they are stops me from training. Someone with type 1 diabetes doing moutain biking and willing to share how to overcome this will certainly help.

  8. stephen stephen

    Long overdue, the club is a must , I will be the first person to join as I am currently a runner for the past 10 years. I will try mountain biking along with my fellow “sick’ member. Please keep us posted

  9. Crystel Crystel

    Hi there,

    I looking into this for my brother.

    Where is this based – we are in Durban, is there anything in Durban where my brother could join?

    Please advise,

    Thank you very much!

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