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Diabetic keeps losing weight?


I am a 47 year old man who has been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure since 2010. For diabetes I was using GLUCOPHAGE X3 and for blood pressure I am taking ZIAK and ZANIP and they are doing extremely well. Before I became diabetic I was weighing 88 kg and I was a very muscled man. My worry is that I am losing weight without even trying to do so and I am eating very well. So I have stopped using Glucophage as it has too much sodium.

I’m using GLUCINN  supplements which are working extremely well in terms of managing my diabetic condition but the problem is that  while it is working well it has an ingredient which is also making a person to lose weight and I have since stopped using it and I am currently using supplement known as Probetic. It is also working very well.

My other challenge is that I am a person who like exercising but this time I am unable to exercise because once I can exercise by means of jogging or fast walking I also lose weight and my skin become dry. I have made various test which include HIV and AIDS, and antibodies to check if there is cancer or whatever several times and the result came negative.

When I put my trousers and shirts they are now too big as I have lost and I’m losing weight gradually. I know that when I am eating a correct diet in the form of BALANCED MEAL and exercise I will go back to my original body. In my situation it’s the opposite of what I am saying because I am eating a well balanced died and try exercising but I am losing weight.

Please Help. I have made a very extensive research with this Chronic Illness trying to get something which can stop this problem of losing weight.

– Mesile

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  1. Steff Strydom Steff Strydom

    Wow! see how different we all are. You are losing weight without trying, I am gaining weight because I am always hungry and cant stop eating the wrong foodstuff! I am using Glucophage twice a day but my sugar levels is rising all the time.

    • Alta Landman Alta Landman

      I also hit a few days a month when I’m hungry all the time. Luckily I don’t gain weight. With all the “correct” eating, my sugar levels still climb all the time and it is a battle to get it down. A change in insulin and tablets didn’t help much. Still a battle.

  2. Boitumelo Boitumelo

    Where can I get products? Someone help

  3. Memory Sibanda Memory Sibanda

    Am not diabetic but my mum is and she’s 63 years taking metformin and glyberclymaids my question is’is it possible for me to gt her probetic .

    • Hi Memory! Do you mean probiotics? For gut health? Absolutely – those are always a good idea!

      • Nonceba Ncoko Nonceba Ncoko

        Hi I am not diabetic but mmy husband is. I just heard about probetics from the radio today. Now I am confused as there are probiotics. Is it the same thing? Are they available from Clicks or Dischem?

        • Hi Nonceba!
          Probiotics are for better gut health, I’m not sure how they relate to diabetes? They can’t do any harm, but they’re not usually prescribed as part of regular diabetes care.

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