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Diabetic in Pretoria Needs Help

Good morning,

I am a diabetic and live in Pretoria.

I have problems controlling my sugar and have to use Type 2 diabetes medication. My problem is I have no idea when it is high or low.

Where in Pretoria can I find a government diabetic clinic? Currently I am unemployed and every time I go to the government hospital my sugar is 37,5 or around there.

I got a glucose meter from Sister Louise Pywell, but can not afford sticks. I know nothing in life is free. Can you please point me in the right direction? I’m having bad headaches and my left foot starts dragging as the muscle went numb.

– Alden

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One Comment

  1. Gordon Gordon

    Hi Alden. You need to urgently get your reading down! I suggest you see a doctor immediately. I would suggest you cut out the sugar and carbs until you can get medical attention. Normal reading for a non diabetic is 4.5, you should be aiming for the mid 5s. You can survive at 7 but any higher and your body is eating itself. I am sure the readers will agree.

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