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Diabetic-friendly juices?

I enjoy you magazine very much, being a diabetic and on insulin.

My main problem is that I only drink juices and I would be grateful if someone could give me a list of what is suited to diabetics?

Thank you,

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  1. John John

    All juice should be diluted. Juice, naturally is very high in sugar.

  2. Neville Lamberti Neville Lamberti

    Hi Elaine,
    Have you heard of Lamberti’s LOW GI juice ?? I would like to advise you to try this product, as well as advise you on where to purchase it. Where do you live ? I could even get some to you to try, free of charge of course.

    • Chrisjan van der Kruk Chrisjan van der Kruk

      Good day Sir,
      Please send me information on where I can buy the Lamberti’s LOW GI Fruit juices.
      I livein the Centurion area & work in the Pretoria CBD.
      Kind regards,

      • Neville Lamberti Neville Lamberti

        Gooday Sir,
        Try any Pick n Pay in your area. Pick n Pay hypermarket at the Life Style centre has a wide selection.
        Spars and Superspars too.

        Neville Lamberti.

    • Adri Adri

      Which shops stock this juice in Westville KZN? I have properly bought the last bit of stock of the Apple/litchi/berry flavours at the PnP and Spars here.

  3. precious precious

    Please assist as to where I can get lamberti biscuits. Thank

  4. Neville Lamberti Neville Lamberti

    Good day. Unfortunately we have pulled out of KZN to focus on Gauteng. We were just battling to control sales agents from afar. Please communicate directly with me and I can arrange to have product sent to you. Neville. 082 895 0958.

  5. I live in Hyde Park. Where can I buy Lamberti’s Low GIJuice?

  6. I have heard about Lamberti’s Low GI Juice. I really would like to buy some. I live in Hyde Park? Where is it available?

    • Greg Leisegang Greg Leisegang

      Hi Jean, available at all PnP stores & selected Spar & Food Lovers Markets

  7. Queenswood Superspar Matthew Queenswood Superspar Matthew

    Please feel free to pop into Queenswood Superspar We stock Lambertis Low Gi Juice

  8. Lizelle Lizelle

    Good day.

    I have been looking all over Lydenburg where we are staying. We just dont get Lamberti’s juices here.
    My son is Type 1 Diabetes and he would be so excited if we can buy some of your products.
    I would really appreciate it if you can let us know were we can get some.
    Kind regars

  9. W Schoombee W Schoombee

    Great was the surprise to hear this morning that Neville Lamberti is no longer with the group. I trust that the new owners will be more market oriented than what he used to be. I was the man that opened the gates for him in the Eastern Cape and then he does not have the decency to let me know that he is no longer involved.
    Please allow me contact details of the new owners as I would like to talk to a responsible person.
    Await your kind response.
    W Schoombee.

    • Hi there,
      We unfortunately don’t have any information as we’re only a diabetes magazine (Sweet Life) and not linked to Lamberti’s juices in any way… If you find out anything, please let us know too!

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