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Diabetic Eye Problem


I’m Nicolene from Bloemfontein, I’m almost 19.

I was at the doctor today for my eyes. I have bleeding in the back of my eye. Just want some advice how can I make this better?

The doctor said less sugar and sugar controlled. Just want to know who also has or had bleeding in the back of their eye on this page and what did they do to make it better etc.

Thank you,

– Nicolene

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  1. Johan Johan

    I have had type 2 diabetes for 5 years. It sometimes goes up to nearly 30. I have tried diet plans which was given to me by professional people but it did not help. Then I developed an eat plan for myself and followed it for two years. I can honestly say that I am cured from diabetes now. I can eat whatever I want, my blood sugar stays normal. I have given a few people my diet plan and their count that normally stays between 16 and 25 fall to 5 and stay there. I stop taking medicine after one month of following my diet plan and for the last 5 years the highest my blood sugar rise was 7.2 after eating a lot of sweet stuff. After an hour my count was back to 5.2. I still test myself regularly and my normal count is between 4.1 and 4.6.

    Diabetes can be cured by eating the correct food. It had a significant influence on my eye sight. I do not need glasses anymore. I show the diet to GP and he said that it was not sufficient but it cured my diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol, so it work for me and I do not care what other people say.



    • Hi Johan!
      This sounds miraculous: what is the diet?

      • Johan Johan

        Well, I tested combinations of food and eliminate those which cause my blood sugar to rise. You will be surprised how suppose to be good food sometimes have a bad effect on your blood sugar. It took some time and a lot of commitment and testing at regular intervals, but once you have sorted out your diet, you need to stick to it. I have put all the results on a graph so I could see a trend. I believe that our bodies is different and what works for me may not work for you, that is why you need to do the test yourself. The main thing is commitment. You do not eat anything except from what’s on your diet for that specific time of the day.
        I can send you my diet but I do not take any responsibility for persons using it.



        • Margie Lord Margie Lord

          Hi Johan, would appreciate a copy of your diet, I am contemplating the Banteen diet but not 100% convinced that it is for me but i will be seeing my Dr for my bi-annual check-up and will ask for her input on various options. Thank you Margie

    • Len Waldeck Len Waldeck

      Hi John,

      I am a type 2 Diabetic and struggle with my meal plan, please send me a copy of your meal plan.

      Thanks and Regards.

  2. Alan H Alan H

    Johannesburg, I would like to have a copy of yr meal plan. I’m insulin dependant type 2, my sugar bounces around like a rubber ball. Please send a copy.
    Kind regards
    Alan H

  3. graham graham

    Please send me a copy of your diet plan.

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