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Cycle 4 Diabetes

We’re very excited to share the details of the 2015 Cycle 4 Diabetes relay with you – a 52-hour cycling relay starting today! Check out all the details below and follow them on Facebook and Twitter for live updates!

Diabetes in South Afirca[1]

With massive increases in the incidence of diabetes and obesity, South Africa is sitting on a ticking time-bomb regarding the health of its citizens. The lifestyle changes that couple the rapid rate of urbanisation in the country have resulted in the nation facing a health crisis that has been termed ‘the diabetes tsunami’.

Conscious of the debilitating effects of the disease – and of the consequent impact on both the economy and on society – the Department of Health has partnered with Novo Nordisk, a global healthcare company, to improve awareness of this chronic condition. This public-private partnership is further geared to educate South Africans about their lifestyle choices and the associated risks of developing diabetes.

The campaign will see 16 cyclists, including SABC 2’s Leanne Manas, take part in the Novo Nordisk Cycle 4 Diabetes, a 52-hour cycling relay commencing on 5 November 2015, that will take the cyclists through KwaZulu-Natal and Mpumalanga, and then back to Johannesburg on 7 November 2015.

Novo Nordisk South Africa’s GM, Dr Timmy Kedijang, explains: “The aim of the cycling relay is to bring attention to this condition so that we can educate South Africans about it. Our approach is to address the challenge on the basis of three prongs:  intensifying awareness about diabetes, increasing diagnosis rates, and improving access to care. As part of the goal of increasing awareness of diabetes, at designated points along the cycling route, Novo Nordisk will offer free diabetes screening and education”.

According to the Deputy Minister of Health, Dr Joe Phaahla, “Lifestyle factors such as poor diet and a lack of exercise are often the cause of obesity, which may lead to the onset of type 2 diabetes. This link between obesity and diabetes has led to the coining of a new term, ‘diabesity’.”

Symptoms of diabetes include weight loss, frequent urination, a lack of energy and excessive thirst. People with a combination of any of these symptoms should seek medical attention immediately. Communities along the Cycle 4 Diabetes route are encouraged to take advantage of the awareness and free screening campaign.
“Partnerships such as the one between the Department of Health and Novo Nordisk are key to slowing the tidal wave of diabetes affliction in South Africa” says Dr Kedijang

Teams taking part

  1. a) Team Cycle 4 Diabetes
  2. b) Bonitas Pro-cycling
  3. c) Team Best Med
  4. d) Iron Lady team

Relay dates

Duration of event: 05 – 07 November 2015

  1. a) 05 – Johannesburg
  2. b) 06 – Kwazulu Natal, Mpumalanga
  3. c) 07 – Johannesburg


Pre-event activations: 04 November 2015

  1. a) Alexandra township: Alex Plaza
  2. b) Soweto: Dobsonville Mall

On-route Activations

05 November 2015

  1. a) Soweto: Maponya Mall

06 November 2015

  1. a) Newcastle: Fairleigh Hall
  2. b) Pietermaritzburg: Truro Hall, Westville
  3. c) Vryheid
  4. d) Mpumalanga, Standerton: Gert Sibande District
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