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Craving sweets after dinner:

Good day,
Please can someone help me? I have the most uncontrollable craving for sweets after my evening meal and find myself eating anything, and I mean anything and everything sweet to satisfy it. Why is this and how do I get rid of this craving? I don’t have it after my lunch or breakfast, so what’s up?

Also, is Equi sweet recommended in place of sweeteners in tea or coffee or recipes?
And I’ve seen that cinnamon comes highly recommended for diabetics. How often and how much can it be used?

– Lynnette Hitchcock

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  1. Barry Barry

    I am a 52 yr old man with type 2 diabetes. Try a sugar free jelly with a little yogurt and cut a banana into it.
    It will kill all your sweet cravings and make you feel full

  2. Colin Plen Colin Plen

    Yes Lynette I also know it’s bad for me but I must have sweets or something after dinner. Tonight it’s a scone and jam I have been eyeing all day. but then I must confess that I have been pretty good all day eating low GI foods and minimal sugars and white breads and other forbidden foods.

    – Colin

  3. Hi Lynnette!

    Your concern is the same that my godson’s mom had when she discovered he had diabetes (as it was difficult for her to cut the sweets from him). This is why we developed Low GI ice cream. To make diabetic people’s life much easier and tastier!

    Check out our webpage! our vanilla ice cream is already approved by Diabetes South Africa and we are soon launching it in the markets. In the meanwhile, you can order some here:

    Hope it helps!

  4. Hi Lynette

    Please contact us. We can bring you some Low GI ice cream to sample.
    Wilfredo’s Ice Cream
    076 667 3182

  5. Collet Collet

    Hi there Wilfredo
    I am a Type 1 diabetic and also have a friend with a Type 1 diabetic daughter. We are struggling to find a tasty sugar free ice cream/sorbet/frozen yoghurt.
    I tried your website, but it is recognised as a “movie” site by our firewall and I can thus not view its contents.
    Is it possible for you to send me more details?

    • Vanja Vanja

      I found a hazelnut diabetic ice cream at canal walk. At the bottom of entrance 10. They have a chocolate as well but that tastes terrible.

  6. Hi.My husband diabetic from 2011
    He loves ice cream and chocolate.
    I really think of invest in his healthly
    Life style.
    Please any advise.

  7. Andy Andy

    I’m diabetic 2. Where in Jhb south or east can I buy?

  8. Jeandre Jeandre

    Hi all,

    I make a range of sugar free ice creams and frozen yogurts which are safe for diabetics and all sugar and carb free diets.

    Please give me a call on 0835576227 or email me on for a price list. I can deliver to Cape Town and surrounds.

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