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Chronic Burning Feet


I am 55 years young with Type 2 diabetes, I have such chronic burning feet day and night.

I am currently taking 450mg Lyrica and 60mg Cyngum daily but still have awful pain that makes me so depressed having to live like this, my quality of life is nothing with all this pain.

I also think I am making my family mad with all my complaints. But I really can’t live like this anymore!!!!

Please does anyone know of something else that will work please?
Thank you,

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  1. Willie Grimbeek Willie Grimbeek

    I have the same problem as Liz but still don’t have a solution. Maybe we can talk together and exchange some idees.

  2. Marita Marita

    This is for Liz and her burning feet. Hi Liz, I too suffer from burning feet and legs and have several tricks that I use to get me through. Firstly, the better balanced your sugar is, over a period of time, the better your feet will be. At first, when balancing sugar, the pain will be worse as the nerves are starting to ‘wake-up’, but don’t give up, it gets better.
    My list for coping is this:
    Run your feet under very cold tap water for as long as you can twice a day, this helps with circulation. I often get up in the middle of the night to do this as it helps me to go back to sleep.
    Supplements that help are Nicotinamide or Neurobion (not together): Magnesium capsules and the magnesium spray can be helpful.
    A foot massager filled with icy water used before bedtime helps.
    As a foot cream I use aqueous cream with several drops of Peppermint essential oil.

    I hope this helps you and that you stay strong.

  3. Pat Swarts Pat Swarts

    My husband is not diabetic (my daughter and I both are!). But he also suffers badly with burning feet, especially at night. He applies a product called Fastum before bedtime and this does help to relieve the burning, although it does not totally eliminate it. It is worth a try.

  4. inshaaf inshaaf

    my husband also suffers severe pain in feet, it makes our life miserable, plse help help

  5. inshaaf inshaaf

    i need help husband suffers severely, make my life difficult

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