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Can cannabis help diabetics?

One of our community members suggested we write an article on functional medicine and the role of cannabis to manage blood glucose. Jody Lewis is a naturopath and traditional healer who works with cannabis and how it relates to blood sugar management.

Can cannabis help diabetics?

So, can cannabis be used to manage blood glucose? Cannabis and the compounds contained in it (cannabinoids) are beneficial to the human being in general. However, there are varied plants that I prescribe, formulate medicines with and develop protocols for patients to use, depending on their illness or imbalance. Often food, nutrition and diet is the basis to rebalance and help heal 100% of all people. Even cannabis leaves / stems as a juice along with other vegetable juice detox recipes are incredibly beneficial. 

Does it matter what form the cannabis is in?

Juicing cannabis leaves and the stems of the cannabis plant are a good way to access the enzymes and compounds with little to no psychoactive (high) effect. It’s important to note that these plants should not be fed with chemicals or nitrate based plant foods. It’s best to use organic feeds like worm teas to ensure when juicing the leaves and plant material there is no issue with poisons or toxins from these types of nutrients.

Teas from the buds and flowers are also helpful, as well as tinctures made with the flowers. Be very careful with dosages and strength and always have cannabis flowers, resin, oils, or any products tested. If you get them from someone, ensure they provide the test results so that you can see the strength of the THC/ CBD/ CBG cannabinoids.

It is a dangerous time in South Africa as everyone with a YouTube link and some cannabis is a pseudo doctor. Be careful who you deal with.

The most important thing is to detox the digestive system (colon, kidneys, liver, spleen, and so on). Develop healthy gut bacteria and then use cannabis-based medicines as part of a holistic and balanced programme.  

cannabis and diabetes

Does this work for Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics? Is it necessary to check with your doctor first?

Always check with your doctor before making any changes to your medication. Consult with an integrative and holistic practitioner to tailormake a programme for you as an individual. 

Is there anybody who should be cautious of using cannabis?

Everyone must be cautious! Cannabis is a powerful plant. It is good medicine and like all things it can also become a poison used in excess. Be wise, responsible and careful with yourself.

With the right practitioner, it can be used as part of ancient healing practices from various cultures (Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, etc) to provide a person with the best offering to heal themselves. 

Balance and imbalance

My approach views the human body as being comprised of three aspects, Mind (psycho/ emotional, Body (Physiology), Spirit (energy). 

With this in mind, the basic principle is that optimal balance in these aspects that make up the human system allow for wellbeing and good health. One is not “sick”, simply imbalanced. Balanced human beings need nutrition, vitamins, minerals, essential oils, fasting, juicing, healthy blood, alkaline diets and products, exercise, fitness and taking time to be in nature, meditating, reflecting, praying, being creative, and grounding by spending time barefoot on soil and grass.

Something as subtle as the words used to describe things affects ones perception and therefore their reality, quite literally. 

We often don’t take the time to assess the root cause of issues and remedy the imbalance at that source point. I focus on the body,mind and spirit imbalances. Find out more by emailing Jody.

Photo by Kimzy Nanney on Unsplash

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