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Breastfeeding on insulin


I’m hoping somebody will be able to help me. I’m a breastfeeding mommy and I’ve been given Humalog – Insulin (starting today). I want to know if this will have any impact on my daughter or my milk-supply.

Also, if my sugar levels are high, does that have any impact on her?

Update: I’m doing okay. I crashed a couple of times over night and in the mornings between breakfast and snack-time! But other than that I’m finding my feet as a newly diagnosed diabetic. What really gets me is that it is so hard to find food that is safe to eat!

Any advice?

– Elrica

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  1. Rene Rene

    Good day Erica

    You say you are a newly diagnosed diabetic that is breastfeeding? Did you develop diabetes while you where pregnant? It is just strange to me that you would be on a rapid acting insulin only. High blood glucose is more dangerous to you than your baby; while baby was inside you then it can be dangerous to your baby. Now mostly you are going to sit with a baby that picks up weight quicker and stays awake longer due to the sugar rush!!

  2. Elrica Elrica

    Hi Rene . I was diagnosed during pregnancy (Gestational Diabetes). I was placed on Humalog after pregnancy (during my pregnancy I controlled it well with Glucophage and diet. I’m now seeing a different team of specialists. I can add that my medical aid did not want to place me on the insulin that was originally prescribed to me, and it was a battle to get them to pay for the Humalog! So here we are. I have to just mention that I quit my diet and meds after her birth and went ballistic, ate everything I could lay my hands on (as I believed I was healthy again) but alas, my sugar soared into the 30’s and I lost my eye-sight for about a week! Maybe that’s why the Doctor prescribed Humalog? I don’t know if this offers anymore insight. Thanks for responding. I was told recently by my gynaecologist that diagnosed me, that insulin wouldn’t have an affect on my daughter. But its interesting to know that my high sugar levels could keep her up!

  3. Yolanda Yolanda

    Hi Elrica

    I am a type 1 diabetic on Humalog and Humulin N and I have had 2 babies. I am not very well educated in gestational diabetes, but I can give you some insight with my experiences. My sugar levels and insulin had no effect on any of the children. Both babies were born premature and I had to use a pump to get my breast milk to them and even in their fragile state, I was told that there was no better option for them.
    I believe you have nothing to fear for your baby, but that you must take care of yourself.
    I struggled with my sugar after they were born, but they were never over active. In fact, both started sleeping through the night at approx 4 months!!
    Maybe I was very lucky.. Good luck to you.

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