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A yummy yoghurt treat


One of the things I find most challenging about diabetes is the constant feeling that I shouldn’t be treating myself. Everyone else can dive into the desserts, but I shouldn’t. When others have a sweet craving they can indulge it, but I shouldn’t. I really shouldn’t be eating this deliciously sweet thing. Of course, sometimes I do anyway, but it is such a rare treat to find something that is both really tasty and that I should be eating!

This is one of the reasons I was so happy to discover Gero yoghurt, which is low GI, fat free, sugar free and Aspartame free. And…. tastes fabulous! It’s smooth and creamy, fills that urge for something sweet and comes with no guilt attached (at only 10g carb per 175g serving instead of 17g in comparison to other yoghurts, it’s definitely low carb).

Their secret is something called Abkhazian culture which comes from the former Soviet Union where people live to an exceptionally old age, partly because they eat this delicious traditionally made yoghurt every day.

The second reason Gero is my new favourite snack is because of all the fabulous flavours. The plain Gero yoghurt also comes in three fruit flavours: Goji berry (delicious!), Strawberry and Exotic berries, and then there are three un-fruited options: Strawberry, Vanilla and Cranberry. There’s also drinking yoghurt (in Gauteng only, at the moment).

Give Gero yoghurt a try and I guarantee you’ll be coming back for more of this yummy yoghurt treat. Find out more at

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  1. Karien Karien

    Hi , what is the possibility that we can have Gero in a toffe and choclolate flavoured as well?
    We love GERO yoghurt.

  2. Desire Engelke Desire Engelke

    Hi, we miss the Gero joghurt on the shelves at Pick’n Pay. Please can you bring it back? This is absolutely the best joghurt. The Parmalat with no added sugar so just not taste the same. My husband is diabetes and this is the best as a treat which he enjoys so much!!!!


    • Hi Desire!
      Unfortunately we don’t make Gero – we also love it and miss it!

  3. Bernard Ludick Bernard Ludick

    Hi, where can one find Gero yoghurt available in Cape Town?

    • Great question! I was going to say Checkers but the Gero website is down… I wonder if they’ve closed down? 🙁

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