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A truly inspiring diabetic story!

I’m not sure how many of you are fans of The Amazing Race, but if you are you’ll know that the most recent winners were an all girl team… And one of them was a Type 1 diabetic!

Here is the amazing story of how Nat Strand managed to manage her Type 1 diabetes, her lows, her highs, her insulin needs and her energy while literally racing around the world. It is an incredible read! As the article says:

“Does the stress of having to bungee jump off a 150-foot crane (when you’re deathly afraid of heights) affect your blood glucose?
Is it possible to get some much-needed rest if your insulin pump is beeping every hour on the hour—and you’re sleeping on a sidewalk in the middle of a busy foreign city?
How do you dose insulin when you’re eating a boiled sheep’s head—eyeballs, tongue, and all?”

If you want a dose of perspective on how ‘easy’ day to day life with diabetes is (in comparison to what Nat had to live through!) take a read

Would you be able to go on an adventure like this, with diabetes?

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