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A recent diabetes diagnosis

Hi Sweet Life :-)

My name is Annelie and I’ve been diagnosed August 2011. I must say, it was a shock as that am a very fit woman and eat right, most of the time. So adjusting my eating habits wasn’t really that much of an issue. I must point out that training, that is any form of exercising, do help and keep my sugar levels constant. I’ve got a ‘soft spot’ for biscuits every now and then. (Although I’m not allowed :-) ) but do test myself thereafter just to see that my sugar levels is ok, and that it is.

By the way, I’m type 1. I’ve been very depressed last year with my diabetes and looking at it now it’s really just a healthier way of eating that you will benefit at the end. I thought being diabetic I can NEVER eat nice things anymore, but there are so many recipes for diabetics and it is not that much of a change to the normal recipes :-)

You need to find maybe a hobby or something to ‘calm’ you for the day, if it’s a 30 min walk, you’ll see, it’ll do wonders. Most people don’t like exercising, but it is so important. I’ve learned that one can become very ill with diabetes if you don’t look after yourself, so look after yourself, it’s your life, your body and most importantly, your mind, and a powerful mind that is.

Good luck and keep your head up, there are many of us out there ;-)

– Annelie

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One Comment

  1. Vincent Vincent

    Dear Annelie,

    I have read your message and wish to advise that diabetes is not always caused by bad eating habits or an unactive lifestyle.

    Sometime the body can just shut down due to
    Stress, Strain, Injury, Shock and other trauma.

    In my experience as a Nutritionist I have found that most of my clients eat a regular healthy meal,
    exercise about 30min a day but still lack the reccommended daily allowance of nutrition and minerals to sustain the daily ativities.

    I have spoken to Sweet Life Magazine and would gladly assist all its readers regarding
    Healthy Balanced Lifestyles as most of my clients have been controling their sugar.

    My one client’s insulin was reduced due to the amazing control she has.

    You can, contact me on ihd.vincent (at)

    I offer free advice 😀 and there is no catch.

    Looking Forward to your reply.


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