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A healthy diet without eggs and nuts?

Hi there,

I don’t have diabetes “yet”, but there is a family history so I want to work towards a healthier lifestyle.

I want to go on a diet to lose about 30kg. The biggest problem I have is that I am allergic to eggs and nuts and every diet I look at states that eggs and nuts are part of the plan. Is there a diet that will work without eggs and nuts?

Thanking you
– Jocelyn van Boomen

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  1. Thea van Aarle Thea van Aarle

    Hi Jocelyn

    I have someone that can help you & she has asked me to forward you her cell no. 083 408 1199 her name is Natalie Barbosa. Hope this will help you,

    Thea van Aarle

  2. Krish Cullen Krish Cullen

    Hi Jocelyn
    Please do not worry that you need to include nuts and eggs. Just do a lot of exercise or should I say control ones. Eat fruits and salads a lot.

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